Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 1 of 365

Well, the old year has gone and the new year is here. All 365 days are fresh and exciting and full of promise about what they will bring. My sister and I didn't do much last night: we watched Christmas films, a bit of tv and when the clock struck twelve we went outside to enjoy the fireworks. Mostly sparkly lights and not as much hard noise and by the time it was half past, it was all but done. As we stood outside there was another sound we could hear though: ships' horns! 

When we got back in, my sister's phone rang: our parentals! After the 'happy new year etc' from my Dad, it was my Mum's turn. And then she told us, she would phone us some time next year! Well, thank you Mum, but this year would be a bit nicer...

View over Haugesund
This morning started bright and fresh and no sign of the rain that has been falling ever since my sister arrived. We decided we would go out again and see a few things/get the remainder of the boxes and off we went. Up a hill in search of a view of Haugesund. We were not disappointed, even though it had started to rain/hail a little. Unfortunately my sister wore the wrong shoes for walking and we decided to get back to the car and get the boxes. 

All the boxes are here now. There are still a few plastic and metal containers there, but all the cardboard boxes have made their way here. Today I will pack my Christmas stuff away and put up all the 'normal' stuff. And then I will make walls with the boxes and cover them in blankets (I have plenty of those). It's not ideal, but there may be a chance of a two-bed apartment coming up soon.

My hopes and dreams for this year? First of all, get that &^%$#&% driver's note so I can actually get behind the wheel and start driving a bus! Hopefully find a bigger place where I will be able to have all the furniture I own. And of course I am thinking about my monsters, but that is a difficult and very 'weighty matter'! 


  1. hahaha about your mother telephoning you some time next year. It takes some getting used to, 2013 already. It seems like only yesterday it was 2012...

    Happy New Year and hopefully all your wishes will come true this year :-)

  2. Oh, I can imagine how much you miss the cats. When we are away we miss Lindy a lot. She is now sleeping off the excitement of having a visit from daughter Monica, son-in-law Wes, with Kayen (11) and his little sister Kiana (6).
    Hmmm. Sleeping sounds like a good idea to me, too. I am finally feeling healthy, but am still tired.
    Not much more than a month until we leave on our next adventure.
    Thinking of you, and admiring the view you found, even if your sister did wear the wrong shoes.
    Love, K

  3. Sounds like a very nice New Year's Eve. Sorry about all that rain. You have done a great job at getting your boxes. Hopefully it's starting to feel like home. Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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