Saturday 12 January 2013

The Saturday Plan

Imagine this when it's bright and sunny and the sun is going down!
I had a really good plan for today. Since the weather is beautiful, I thought I would go hiking and possibly see the sunset from the vantage point my sister and I found together. Until I realised that that wouldn't happen until after 5pm and I have a union meeting at 5pm! So, on to plan B. 

Plan B was to clean my house, do some grocery shopping and watch biathlon. And then go to the union meeting. A great plan and it started off really well. Because you can't clean a house (or a small apartment for that matter) on an empty stomach, I had taken some rolls from the freezer and stuck them in the oven, so I would have lovely warm buns for breakfast. As soon as they were hot, I took out my new Norwegian breadknife (the one I had used to nearly slice the top of my finger off only a few weeks ago) and proceeded to try and half my hand. 

The offender
Yes, you read right: I sliced right into my hand and it started gushing blood. Fortunately I am not squeamish or I might have swooned right there and then, but I needed something to stop it from bleeding asap. I nearly ran into the bedroom and raided what is left of my first aid kit. I had a lot back in the Netherlands, but I had decided I didn't need most of that stuff. So, I had thrown it out. Just a sticky plaster would have to do.

The cut was however on the deep side and as I was getting onto my computer, the sticky plaster was already obsolete and I needed a lot of tissues. I got a new sticky plaster, closed the computer and decided I would go to the A & E department. As I headed down, the landlady came back from her run and she took me in, gave me a better bandage thingy and then proceeded to drive me down to the doctor's office. 

Three stitches underneath the bandage.
Not bad for a Saturday morning...
Well, I was in and out in an hour, it cost me 353 kroner and I now, for the very first time in my life, have three stitches. Which need to be removed in two weeks' time! 

Does anybody need a good breadknife? I'll mail it anywhere in the world, free of charge!! No bandages included...


  1. IS a very nice knife, but as I am a bit on the squeemish side, you'd better not send it to me. Glad you didn't have a camera with you on the A and E.

  2. You are a dangerous woman with that knife.

  3. Stitches! Oh, I have had my share of stitches. I had to get them on my head when I was a little girl! Fortunately, neither Lily nor Emmy have had to have them. (Crossing my fingers)

  4. Sorry you had such a day. My wife is dangerous with her knives and has cut herself several times, but so far has never needed stitches.

    An Arkies Musings

  5. OMG ! that knife must be made for a killer ! Fortunately went to the doctor !

  6. This made me queasy.....sorry about your cut. Hope it's healing well.


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