Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-17

I wouldn't blame you if you have already given up on me. If not: thank you so much. I completely forgot the first week and then last week (even with a concerned email from Yamini), I just never got around to it. However, I am back now and here to tell you that the last time the light did come on, it was of course on the White Cliffs of Dover, England. Points go to Gera, Bettina, Fun60, Yamini, Hilary, Millie & Walter and Gerrit. 
My story? I have seen these Cliffs quite often. Each time I traveled between England and France, they are there. Now, you might also have heard the song about those very cliffs. Just saying: there are no bluebirds in England, but apparently it sounded good in the song.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week (yes, NEXT week!).

Monday, 2 May 2022

You've got mail

Manchester, UK
Did you see the photos used in last Friday's post? Not my usual standard to be sure, but they were taken with my phone of postcards I have recently sent. I promised you a while ago I would tell you all about a new old hobby of mine, so here I finally go.

Empress Sissi from Austria
Back in 2006 I joined Postcrossing. A site that promised contact with the world and the only thing you needed to do was send postcards. Easy. And for a couple of years that was what I did: I sent out postcards to strangers all over the world. Australia, Canada, Egypt, Romania, Germany, Norway, even the Netherlands. In return I would get postcards back from strangers from all over the world. 

I preferred to get cards that showed me famous people (living/dead/fictional) of the country or region they were in, but was just as pleased with flowers, animals or city scapes. It was an expensive hobby (the stamps alone cost a small fortune), but it was great fun.

But then I stopped. Not sure when or why exactly, but I stopped sending cards. And when you don't send cards, you don't get cards. The hobby ended.

United States
Fast forward to earlier this year and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. My sister had left again and I was on my own. The only mail that was arriving was junk mail and uninteresting official stuff. Then I remembered Postcrossing. I didn't know what my old login details were, but it was easy to create a new profile. Late January I sent out my first five cards to Germany, Japan, USA, Russia and Singapore. 

The Frysian language one from the Netherlands
As soon as one of my cards had arrived (Germany was fastest), I started to receive cards as well. So far I have sent 47 cards (of which 36 have arrived) and received 39. I received a Japanese figure skater, a Russian kosmonaut, a French church, a Taiwanese temple and bees from Manchester. People have written to me in English, German, Dutch and even Frysian (which I don't speak, but can read). They have written about their jobs, their hobbies, their towns. 

Maltese buses
Of course the stamps still cost a fortune and the postcards themselves aren't cheap either. If you can find them to start with! Back in the day it was fairly easy to find postcards, but people don't send them that much anymore, so they have started disappearing. And they have become more expensive as well. Paying over a euro for a single postcard is more norm than exception. 

Canadian Mountie
One day however, I found myself in a second hand shop and their was a whole basket with postcards. Costing only 10 cents each as well, so I went through them and came out with 17 new cards. Since then I have been hitting second hand stores to try and find cards. The biggest haul so far was just last week when I paid one and a half euro for a stack of postcards. After counting them once I got home it turned out I had 65 postcards. 

All cards so far
I use my doors to display the cards received and I am nearly one door (one side) down. Eight more to go before running out of space. Let's see whether I can fill them all. As long as I send, I will receive!

Friday, 29 April 2022

Tears of frustration

Okay, perhaps not quite the tears, but I can tell you, I am not far off! And this time it doesn't even have to do with my hands, which is even more frustrating. It has to do with a simple pink card.

As you know I lived in Norway for a few years. And while in Norway, I had to have my driver's license renewed. I got all the necessary paperwork in order, went to the department that issued the licenses and then waited until the Dutch authorities gave a positive answer and got my Norwegian license. Then I moved to the UK.

In the UK I had to exchange my license within a year and I was on my way of getting the paperwork done when I moved back to the Netherlands. Where it wasn't necessary to exchange until the license was out of date. Which is December of this year. However...

When in Norway, it took some time to validate my license and to beat that, I made sure I had plenty of time before I had to renew in order to avoid problems. Two weeks ago I got my final course work done, three days ago I had my physical. Everything was in order, everything was fine. Yesterday I went to my local council to renew my Norwegian license to a Dutch one. 

As in Norway, I had to leave my license behind. They have to physically check whether it's valid or not with the Norwegian authorities. In Norway I was issued a piece of paper saying that I was allowed to drive the vehicle categories stated on the paper during the duration. Only in Norway (and Sweden and Denmark), but as that was where I was living anyway, that wasn't a problem. I could still drive and since I do that for a living...

Not so in the Netherlands. No document is issued saying I can drive for the duration of the checks right up to the point of my new Dutch license. If I were to drive, I were to do so uninsured. Which is one thing when you only drive to and from work (and I wouldn't do it then), it's another completely when it is your actual job. Anything goes wrong and both me and the company would be in big doodah!

Which means: I cannot drive. I cannot do my job. So, I checked. Was it correct? Was there a way around this? Short answer: NO. Long answer: DEFINITELY NO. The department won't even tell me how far they are in processing my stuff and there is no way of chasing anybody up, as they won't tell where and how.

Instead of going back to normalcy next week, of getting back into the flow of things, I am grounded yet again. Not sick, but on holiday this time.

PS: Just so you know: I waited 9 months for a Norwegian license. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-16

Pre-posted folks, so I won't miss out again... Anyway, last week's challenge resulted in three completely right answers, and since some of you gave a completely wrong answer, albeit in the right country, I have decided only the right answers get points. Yamini, Gerrit and Fun60 knew/guessed this was the Arena in Verona. Not Rome, nor Arles (which was also a good guess by the way, just not good enough). 
My story? I visited Verona years ago. In fact, my first ever enjoyment of a pizza was on the piazza facing this arena. I have never been inside. Perhaps in the future some time.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Monday, 25 April 2022


Is that even a word? Normalcy? Because I am slowly getting back to it. The right hand is pretty good again and the left is slowly following suit. I am still not up to 100%, but about 80% right now is pretty ok I think.

Lately I have been working in the garden a bit. Half an hour maximum on any given day really. Pulling weeds, mowing the grass. I don't dare do too much, just in case, but so far so good. Other than that I have been reading a lot. I got going with Jack Reacher and am now on book 11. Yesterday I started one and finished it at 1 in the morning, because I just wanted to know whodunnit! 

I have been watching a lot of television as well of course, plus I went to the cinema several times. I saw The Duke which was really good, Fantastic Beasts 3 (made my sister jealous), The 355, The Lost City, Uncharted (twice), Moonfall and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. I was supposed to go to Morbius, but canceled in the end as it is not really a genre I like. 

From next week however that will change a bit. Yes, the reading will most likely continue as will tv and cinema, but I will have to ration it more as I will be going back to work! Oh yes, after five months at home I will get back in uniform (providing I can find one that fits, I have gained a bit) and start driving again. The first week I will be at 50% of my normal hours, just to see how everything holds up. And then I will have a week off, as that was the plan way before the operations. Hopefully after that I will be back to 100%.

So, I think I will have to really enjoy my last week of 'freedom'. I know Miss O will need to as she has gotten used to me being home for so long. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-15

I missed last week! Shame on me!! I hope you will forgive me. But I am back now and I hope you have not all run for the hills. Last week's challenge was a mixed bag of answers. Although most of you were in the same sort of area (ie Eastern Europe). It was of course a guard in front of Prague Castle in Czechia (or Czech Republic). Gerrit gets a complete point, Yamini and Gera get half a point and Hilary gets a quarter point. Oh, and Gerrit also gets a point for the Sacré Coeur, I only saw his answer today.
My story? In 2016 my sister and I made our way to Prague and did a lot of walking. A lot of walking! One of the things we visited was Prague Castle and right in front was this guard. I think we were even there for the changing of the guard, which was a simple affair.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week (yes, NEXT week).

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-14

Last week's challenge was of course the Sacré Coeur in Paris, France and plenty of you did get that right. So, points go to Yamini, Fun60, Bettina, Harm, Debby and Hilary. 
My story? During the same trip to Paris as the Versailles outing, my sister and I spent a day in Paris doing the rounds. And one thing we also saw was this church. We got all the way up there (I think we took the funiculaire), but did not go inside, which is something that needs to be rectified at some point in the future I think. 

On to this week's challenge then. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-13

A toughie again last week it seemed. Nobody got it completely right though, although two were very close. It is a statue of Pope John Paul II in Krakow, Poland. Some of you mentioned one, some the other, Yamini mentioned he was the last pope (which was in fact Benedictus XVI, JP II was the one before him) and she switched from Krakow to Warsaw (which is the capital of Poland). So, here is my verdict: Gera and Yamini both get 3/4 point. Hilary and Gerrit get 1/2 point and Janice gets 1/4 point. 
My story? Well, on my trip with Gera through central Europe, we visited Krakow. Karol Józef Wojtyła was born close to Krakow and is still quite a prominent feature in that city. They are very proud of him and they had a sort of park/square where several of Krakow's great and good were honoured. He was one of them. 

On to this week's challenge then. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Friday, 25 March 2022

What I do

Over the past few months I have had plenty of time to do what I like. With severe restrictions of course. One of the things I love doing is reading and I figured I would have plenty of time to do just that. And then I didn't. Yes, I picked up a book, but I couldn't stick to it. However, during the last few weeks I did finally pick up a book and finish it. Several in fact. Although that came about in a roundabout kind of way.

I have written several blogs about what I watched. Romantic comedies was what I started off with, but lately I have been more into a different type of film. Car chases, fighting, action, space. And then I subscribed to Amazon Prime and found a whole world of films and series. 

The series follows Jack Reacher, a veteran military police investigator who has just recently entered civilian life. Reacher is a drifter, carrying no phone and the barest of essentials as he travels the country and explores the nation he once served. When Reacher arrives in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, he finds a community grappling with its first homicide in 20 years. The cops immediately arrest him, and eyewitnesses claim to place Reacher at the scene of the crime. While he works to prove his innocence, a deep-seated conspiracy begins to emerge, one that will require Reacher’s keen mind and hard-hitting fists to deal with. One thing above all is for sure: They picked the wrong guy to take the fall.
I thought I might as well give it a go and Janice (who mentioned it): thank you so much! I watched the whole series on two consecutive days. In: I watched the whole series one day and then watched the whole series again the next day! Since then I watched the whole thing a further two times. And decided to read the book the series is based on. Which I finished in two sittings as it was gripping me the whole way.

An astronaut becomes stranded on Mars after his team assume him dead, and must rely on his ingenuity to find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive and can survive until a potential rescue.
At the same time I had bought another book. Based on a film this time: the Martian. This is a film I had wanted to see in the cinema and never got around to it for some reason. I regret that to this day as I loved it. I did watch it several times on television though, but never the complete thing. Until they had another broadcast and I managed to record it. By the end I knew I wanted it on DVD. It arrived the next day and I watched it again. Which led to me buying the book.

On the back of both those books, I bought other books by the same writers. In the case of Lee Child (Reacher), I bought several of the same series about the main protagonist. I am now on book 3, which so far is the hardest to get through, but I still want to know how it ends. I have number 4 waiting already. There are about 24 books so far, so I have a bit to go. 

So there you have it: I started reading again. While still watching a lot of television (new MacGyver seasons 1-3, the Transporter series plus of course films with a higher body count than I have ever seen in my life so far). 

Wednesday, 23 March 2022


I have been off sick since the end of November and I can safely say I am thoroughly fed up. To the eyeballs fed up. Sick and tired of sitting at home, not being able to do squat. At first there was the operation to fix the CTS in my right hand. And although the wound healed nicely, the pain remained and was in fact getting worse. It turned out I had a related but separate problem. One that would prove a bit more difficult.

First of all of course there was the kicking inducing injection right into my wrist. IT HURT LIKE HELL! However, only days later, the pain had abated a fair bit and by the time I got to see the hand therapist for the first time, the pain was nearly gone. In order to make sure my wrist and thumb would go on being pain free however, I had to wear a splint. For three weeks. Non-stop. I only took it off when taking a shower and then I could barely use the hand. 

After three and a half weeks of wearing that splint, I went back to the hand therapist, she was happy and I was allowed to take it off more and more. At first it was only during meal times. Then it was for longer periods until I finally only wore it at night. Back to the hand therapist.

I was now splint free during the day, but it didn't mean I could do much with my hand. In fact, I could barely bend my wrist. So, that had to be trained. By that time I had been given the all clear to go out cycling and swimming (yes!), so that certainly helped by getting the hand to be more useful. But...

Even though the right hand was now nearing normalcy again, three and a half months in, my left hand still had unresolved business. I had been in two minds about having my left hand done. I hardly had any trouble with it, so would it not be wiser to defer until problems arose? Or would it be best to get it done now and be done with it? In the end I chose the latter, made an appointment with the surgeon and in I went. 

Last week I had my second hand operated on. Tie off arm, anastacia (you know!), slice open, cut something, put in stitches and within ten minutes my hand was being wrapped up with bandages. My Dad picked me up again and now I am recovering at home. The bandages come off today (it's been a week) and then I will battle the spider legs for a week, before they can come out. Another few weeks at home to make sure the wound heals fine and I can use the hand fine again and then hopefully back to work by the end of April.

By the time I will be back at work, I will have been gone about five months. My main problem was the fact that even though I was off sick, I wasn't sick as such. I wasn't in bed with a raging fever. I just couldn't use my hand(s). Frustration, boredom, probably even some apathy. On the other hand I know that I need my hands in my job. If I think about how I want to grab the steering wheel because I want to avoid pain, I might not be able to avoid accidents or even cause them. 

Right now though: light at the end of the tunnel. And pretty soon I will be back at work, wishing I was home watching television...

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-12

Oh yes, typing two handed again right now, which means it's easier to tell you about last week's challenge. Which was of course (drumroll please) Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland. Several people of course got points, my sister Gera (who happens to live in NI) not being one of them. However, the following did know: Gerrit, Harm and Yamini. Congratulations.
My story? When I lived in NI myself, my parents came over and on one of the days we went and visited this site. It is of course a ruin, but its location is spectacular as it is right on the North Coast. As my sister said in her comment: it is on one of the main sight see routes and we have done a fair bit of the eastern bit, but have yet to do the bit that goes from Bangor up north.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Friday, 18 March 2022


i did finish this challenge and am now virtually
going from land's end to john o'groats in the uk.
as you may have realised, i have not been an active blogger over the last few months. my right hand is just about fine again, which in turn left me to get the left one sorted. that happened last wednesday and it is now a struggle to get dressed in the morning again. seeing how it went with the right, i do expect to heal fairly quickly and should start the basics again in about two to three weeks. 

my time at home has been part boring, part okay though. i mean cycling inside is never going to be the most fun, but last week i finally managed to get out again and did some good cycling in town. not only without a goal, but also to the book store in town and to the pool. yes, i took up swimming again, which fine. the indoor cycling definitely has helped with my fitness. of course it is now off again for at least two weeks. that's when the stitches come out. 

there was the good thing about the olympics of course and i did see a fair bit of it: skating, both speed and figure, biathlon and some of the airial skiing and snowboarding. i also watched a lot of films recently, which i will talk about in an upcoming post. directly connected is reading which i have started again as well. films based on books you know. 

plus there is one more thing i have taken up again recently that i enjoy immensely and no, it has nothing to do with knitting or crocheting. those are both things i have yet to start doing again. crochet especially is quite hard on the wrist, so i do want to be 100% certain it will not cause me trouble.

anyway, that's it for now. next week i hope to start properly blogging again, but can i just say thank you to all who keep coming back to see how i am doing. it really means a lot to me.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

tUESDAY'travels 22-11

good morning everone (or good afternoon, evening). shamefully late trhisv week, my apologies. last week's challenge was a challenge inedeed as only one person got it right; my dad gerrit. it was the dam near Tignes in France. and no, it ism't shakin stevens or elvis. it's  supposed to be hercules! as i said only one person got it right so a point to gerrit.
my story> during the winter of 1991-1992 i lived and worked in tignes and crossed this dam a couple of times. in facrt i think this photo was taken when my parents came to pick me up. 

on to this week's cjhallenge: where is this, have you ever been> tell us your story. answer next week.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-10

Plenty of you knew last week's challenge as you have visited this site as you visited me when I was living in Norway. It is called Haraldshaugen and is located in Haugesund (where I used to live). Points go to Bettina, Gerrit, Harm and Yamini. 
My story? Well, not really mine, but Harald's! Harald Fairhair is considered to be the man who united Norway back in the day. He started off as just another leader of his tribe and one day he saw a woman he fancied. He started courting her, but she had her sights set a bit higher and wouldn't give him the time of day. She did give him a challenge though: unite all the the different areas of Norway and she would reconsider. So, Harald set to it and after a while he had united the whole country. Fortunately the woman was true to her word and they got together. A thousand years later in 1872 this monument was erected as he is supposed to be buried nearby. The money was raised by public subscription.

Now, on to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-09

I think I can safely say, this was a shoe-in! Everybody knew where and what this was and most of you have been there. So, points go to Debby, Fun60, Gera, Gerrit, Harm, Hilary, Janice, Millie & Walter and Yamini. 
My story? I have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris only a handful of times. With a finger missing! When I took this photo I was sight-seeing with my sister. My parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and the whole family (including brother and his family) were staying not too far from Eurodisney and Paris. My sister and I spent a day looking at the sights of Paris, although we did not really visit any of it. Too much to see, too little time. And as my sister mentioned: it was brass monkeys! 

On to this week's challenge now. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

PS: Janice mentioned last week that I might do a trick photo or something, like a replica of something in another place. Well, I could and would, but only if I have been there. So, far I have not been to China, Japan or Las Vegas. So far...

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Ants on the bus

This photo was taken in Norway, but it does contain ants...
On one of the many foreign trips I have done driving my coach, I went to Italy with an agrarian themed trip. Visiting a radish farm, a mozzarella farm and a pecorino farm were the farming ends of the journey, but there were also the more touristy things. And one day, my coach rolled in to Rome. 

I drove up to the hotel and as soon as everybody was off, a porter in a clapped out car (that's how I remember it), told me to follow him to where I could park the coach. I followed him left. I followed him right. I followed him for miles and miles and I was starting to get worried. And the worry didn't ease when he drove unto a court filled with really clapped out cars and a rickety gate. Please park and I will take you back to the hotel.

Not this car, although I do love it
So, I parked, got my stuff together and got in that clapped out car. We then drove back to the hotel (oh yes) and the next morning he drove me back to the parking court yard to collect my coach. This went on for several days. But all good things must come to an end however and on the last morning, he drove me to the parking court yard. The night before I had been told to park it in a slightly different place than the other days and that had been an error.

Apparently I had parked one of the wheels right on top of an ants nest. Ants being ants, they then decided to get up that wheel, just in case there was something edible at the top. Not finding anything edible there, they proceeded up the axel, further and further in to the coach...

By the time we arrived in Florence (several hours' drive), a fair few people had taken a look and reported on an abundance of ants in the toilet area. The passengers would have a few hours of sight-seeing in Florence, I would have a few hours of hunting down ant traps. Fortunately there were some smaller shops even in the center of the city that sold those things.

However, the large number of ants would soon deal with the two ant traps I had gotten. And as we hit the road again after lunch to do some sight-seeing in Siena, I contemplated my options. Of which there were precious few. So far, the ants had kept themselves to one area mainly, but there were already a few daredevils that had ventured further afield. 

After arriving in a large car and coach park in Siena, there was only one real option open: clean the toilet area from top to bottom. With what though? Yes, there was water and I did have some cleaning stuff, but this needed a bit more bite and force. And then I spotted it: the hose pipe used to wash coaches. I was going to have to flush them out! 

I started the coach and drove a couple of meters further forward, so the hose could come straight through the back door. I got the hose, I opened the door and let rip! The ants never stood a chance, as one by one they went down the plughole and onto the tarmac of that Siena car park. Once they were all gone, I gave the toilet another good going over, this time using some kind of cleaning agent as well. 

When we left Siena that day, there was an occasional 'I've got another one' from the back of the coach, but really? They were toast...

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-08

Wow, several of you knew this was the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium, built for the World Expo of 1958. It represents an iron molecule. Points go to Bettina, Fun60, Gera, Gerrit, Harm and Yamini. Millie and Walter get a quarter point for mentioning molecule.
My story? I have seen this landmark several times, most often because I went to a large multiplex cinema which was in the same area. I remember watching Home Alone there when I was living in Brussels for a few months. I think this photo stems from a holiday my sister and I took to Belgium and Luxemburg around 1996, but apart from this photo, we did not enter the building, going to the cinema instead. Since we were there it has been completely overhauled.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week. Oh, and by the way, look out for the antsy story later this week.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

More telly

Apart from watching films that are geared more towards young adults, children and families, I also love watching another type of film. The type of film where the body count usually is on the higher side of the spectrum. One of the good guys gets it good and then a lot of the bad guys go the same way (ie untimely death). And sometimes they can be quite funny as well. Like 'Spy'. Starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law with a brilliant comedic turn by Jason Statham. A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent diabolical global disaster. Very much a fish out of water story, I had seen parts of it before, but never the whole film. And even though it was very clearly a film, it was also quite believable as you rooted for Melissa McCarthy trying to do her best as a new spy.

Something with nearly the same title was 'My Spy', starring Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman. A hardened CIA operative finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family. There were parts of this film that were so funny they had me nearly wetting myself as I laughed so hard. I thought the chemistry between the two main leads was very sweet and the supporting cast was brilliant.

'Safe' was another Jason Statham film (I really like him, he could read the phonebook and it would be good). Mei, a young girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code, finds herself pursued by the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Coming to her aid is an ex-cage fighter whose life was destroyed by the gangsters on Mei's trail. I fell into this halfway and once finished, I had to go back to the beginning to really get the whole story. There was definitely a higher body count here, as the Triads, Russian Mob and police force all were severely short of people in the end. And apart from some of the wise cracks, there was not much of comedy here. But, as I said, it had Jason Statham in...

I saw a few films recently starring Sam Worthington. 'Clash of the Titans', 'Wrath of the Titans' and 'The Hunter's Prayer'. In the first two he stars as Perseus, a Greek demi-god (Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes also star), in the last he is an assassin who helps a young woman avenge the death of her family. Very much in the same vein as the film with Jason Statham and still quite entertaining, the good guy and the bad guy looked very similar to me and were hard to keep apart until quite far into the film. Which did definitely not help. It was still a nice watch though.

A Mark Wahlberg film next. When I saw this film advertised, I watched it because I thought it had Matt Damon in (there was a tiny picture next to it). A man discovers that his hallucinations are actually visions from past lives. I did really feel for the protagonist and very much rooted for him and his friends. However, I did not get much from Chiwetel Ejiofor. He played the bad guy, but he didn't do it for me. Yes, at times it was a bit far fetched, but with these type of films you have to suspend your disbelief to some extent I think. And as long as they are not billing it as 'based on a true story'...

'In Time' was a film I had seen several times before, but only ever the second half, never the beginning. So when I saw it streamed on one of the streaming services I subscribe to, I had to watch it again. In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system. I am not much into Justin Timberlake's music, but I do like his acting very much. 

To end with something altogether less violent now: 'The Hating Game'. Resolving to achieve professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against cold and efficient nemesis Joshua, a rivalry that is complicated by her growing attraction to him. When I first saw this, I fast forwarded quite a bit, but once I had finished I went back to the beginning and saw the whole thing from beginning to end again. I especially liked Austin Stowell's acting and his looks were very much cold and ruthless. Until he smiled...