Tuesday 19 July 2022

Weekly Travels 22-25

David from Australia sent me last week’s challenge slash postcard. And the person depicted on the card was Barry Humphries in the guise of Dame Edna Everage. Points go to Hilary and Yamini. Well done Possums!

This week’s challenge is again a person, because even if I have my computer up and running again, I quite like this bit of the challenge. So, who is this, where does this person hail from and have you ever been to the country this person comes from? Give us your story. Answer next week.


  1. Hari Om
    Oh yes I know this lady - Leni Reifenstahl (spelling?) the German propoganda film maker. Yes I have been to Germany long years back on the great Mac Clan Camper Caper! All along the Rhine and into the Black Forest... YAM xx

  2. We have no idea who that is but can't wait to hear the story behind the picture.

  3. Of course I seldom have and answer for you. Hope you can get your computer up and running again.

  4. Not a clue. But it did make me look into female film makers. klem


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