Sunday 26 March 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-11

A little teaser today. L 002 in the making. I will soon reveal more.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Club Med again

Since I am still feeling poorly (the head you know, the rest is okayish), I thought I would post some more photos of my time at Club Med, season 1. The photo at the top was taken in my shared bedroom, probably by my German roommate Claudia. There were three beds in our room, but I think we only had a third girl in there for about a week or so! 

I worked at the Shoopy Club for the whole season, bar one week, when I was dispatched to the next age group up: 6-7 year olds. After that I came back to the 4-5 year olds and never left. In fact, I became the 'manager' of that group. It didn't mean more money though, just more work! I am not in the photo, but two of my regular gang were.

In this photo you can see me and two other adults: Monica (Italian) and Jochen (German). We basically spent our whole season with each other. The girl in front of Jochen was the daughter of the 'Chef de Village', which meant that even though she was only three, she was allowed to be in the Shoopy Club. And that she was there every single week as well, from beginning to end.

A quiet moment at the beginning of the season. When there were only a few children present, this was possible, but during the height of the season, the numbers would go up to around 50-70 and we had our hands full. Besides, there were several nationalities as well: French, Italian, German, Swiss, Dutch, Belgian, British and many more. That meant that reading to the whole group was not possible because of all the different languages. 

Later in the summer there would be something called 'Catch the Clown'. I was the clown and the object was to throw me in the swimming pool. The children would chase me round it and they always managed. Of course. Looking back it was quite dangerous, because I would be barefoot or wearing flip-flops and it was always slippery. No accidents though, either for me or the children. 

Monday 20 March 2017

Too soon

Last Friday I was thinking out loud at work. It had been over a month since my last seriously bad headache. Which occurred at my parents'. I had had one since, but it had been quite mild. I was therefor quite pleased, because it showed that the higher fluid intake was working. Of course... I spoke too soon!

Because the day before (on Thursday) I had started getting a scratchy throat. Swallowing hurt. Nothing else though. On the Friday, I started to sniff and needed to make sure I had enough tissues with me. On Saturday, the scratchy throat was okay, but the sniffing was worse and by the end of the day my sinuses were clogged, as was my nose and my head started to not feel quite so good.

On Sunday I woke with clogged sinuses, a headache and a red, raw and running nose. By 4.30pm, I called work to say I wasn't coming in today. I had to repeat myself three times before he heard properly due to my scratchy voice.

So, that's where I am today: at home with a headache and clogged sinuses and a red, raw and blocked nose. 

In the photo you can see my 'medication'. Tissues, salt water solution (to combat the blocked nose), paracetamol (to combat the headache) and lip balm (to combat both my dry lips and my raw nose). 


Sunday 19 March 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-10

I got some extra veggies
Even if I didn't buy anything at the Swedish shop, than at least I would have to have the Swedish meatballs for lunch. Especially since I had never had them, at least not at the Swedish shop! So, I got the Swedish meatballs. And for afters a nice crème brulée. 

I did buy things though. Partly for a friend who had asked me to get a few things and yes, partly for me. I got a lovely standing reading lamp, but silly me, I got the wrong light bulb. I will have to get one that fits tomorrow. Plus I got some glasses, three bins and some scented candles, one of which smells like romance. Apparently.

Friday 17 March 2017

Some more Club Med

These photos were all taken during my first season at Club Med. You can see how tanned I am, although my nose never got any other colour than red for some reason. The top photo is taken during a 'living painting' I think. I can't remember drinking whatever it was I had in my hands.

Being in the mini-club, meant I had to do shows with them as well. Mostly they were tried and tested, but this one was more or less thought up by yours truly: a tiger show with me as the tiger handler. And no, the stick was purely decoration!!

During the last few months of the season, several other shows starting popping up and the big circus show was one of them. I am in the photo, although not really recognisable. I am the one in green at the front. Please don't ask me to do that move now, I will need an ambulance!

One of my favourite shows was the fire and water show. The butcher (who lived upstairs from me) had a fire-eating act and I was in several routines in the water. Not sure what the plot was, but it probably looked nice from the shore.

This photo was taken during the same show. I always tried to get the blue outfit (there were only two), so I had to come in early to bag it. I am slap bang in the middle here. 

This photo was taken right at the beginning of the season. I know, because of what I am wearing. The further in the season, the skimpier the bikini really! And yes, that was my work outfit! Not too shabby. Mind you, if I were to wear it in my current job, I would probably be hospitalised with severe frostbite!

Thursday 16 March 2017

Club Med

Second from the right
A lifetime ago I worked for two seasons for Club Med. The first one was during the summer and was on Sicily (Italy). I worked in the mini-club and loved nearly every minute of it. But I also took part in the extra-curricular activities like shows. I was always in the chorus and never up front, but it was great fun nonetheless. 

Yep, that's me up front there
My second season was during the winter (they had wanted to send me to some Caribbean island during the winter, can you imagine??) and it was in Tignes in the French Alps. I learned to ski there, although I never did again after leaving. Here as well I was in several shows, most notably the Rocky Horror Show (choreographed by one of the ski teachers), where I was still in the chorus, but in the front row, much to the chagrin of the ordinary choreographer, who had been dispatched to be behind me! 

In both locations we had to dress up/down as well. Red/white evenings, flowery evenings and several other themes. It meant a lot of face painting (for the flowers anyway) and a lot of wardrobe exchange with other GO's (Gentil Organisateur) who might have exactly what I was looking for, but didn't have or wanted to buy. 

And then there were the living paintings. Fortunately I wasn't often part of them, because especially at the second location they were in the lobby of the hotel. About ten meters from the front door. During winter. With snow and wind and cooooold! This one time though, I got roped in for a '1001 nights' tableau. Which meant not a lot of clothes and sitting still for about an hour. I do have a photo of more the 'painting' as well, but it's stuck in an album which is stuck in a box which is stuck at the bottom of a pile of other boxes. 

Wednesday 15 March 2017


I think I will write about something and find I can't find enough words or interesting thoughts on paper (ie type on my keyboard to see it on my computer screen). I then think I will write about something else and again I end up with a blank screen. 

I have tried several times over the past few days and each time: blank. I could write about chocolate and how I try to eat enough to make up for the years that I was virtually without (I am not progressing far, although I am doing my best). I could try and write about my lack of training during the last few weeks. No swimming, cycling or walking has been done for a while now and it needs to change fast. 

I could try and write about our new rota, but that means writing about work and that is boring. Or I could try and write about one of the three projects I have going on now. The first one of course is the two books I am writing about my family, although I have not done much lately. I had better start again if I want them finished by the summer!

My second project is the triathlon that takes place in June and in which I am going to be participating. As I said: I need to get back to training. And my final project is something that is taking up my evenings and it's all about mice. As soon as I have more to tell/show on that project, I will let you know. 

In the mean time however, I have managed to get four paragraphs on my screen and am working on my fifth. Better find some photos now!

Sunday 12 March 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-9

As we were relaxing after a few hours of hard labour (we're bus drivers, remember?), I looked out of the window of my apartment and saw a bird I had never seen before. My camera was of course all the way at the other end of the room, but fortunately my friend had her phone ready and was willing to take a few photos for me. 

To me it looked like a very puffed up robin, but apparently it is a bullfinch (goudvink). Both Mr and Mrs were in the tree (well, he was on the fence). I did go for my camera, but as I got back to the window, Mr had just flown. So, the photo I took is not as good. 

Saturday 11 March 2017


Yes, there was an axe involved. Albeit a small one!
A few weeks ago the person who owns the place where I have my things in storage sent me a message: could I please empty it? Well, not right then I couldn't, but I would do so at the first possible opportunity. Which turned out to be today.

I had asked around on Facebook if there was somebody willing to help me do just that and one person answered. Mr Crikey himself would have loved to help he said, but was a bit far away. I think that with over a week, he could have made something happen, but alas, we were only two this morning.

My friend had the use of a pick-up and a small trailer. The problem was, she was not allowed to drive with a trailer. I was allowed, but was really bad at reversing. Problem solved: I would drive, she would reverse.

It was tough wood, but my friend made short work of it.
She just hit the sides of the dresser and done!
We got to the storage and I thought I would at least try and reverse. And for some reason I actually managed it quite well. Which was good news. The stuff in storage was the bad news: it was all mouldy and icky and my friend had to jump back on one or two occasions (spiders). But, we managed to get loads in the car and trailer and off we set to the dump.

There I had to pay before being allowed to throw away. I saw an absolutely beautiful dresser in great nick, but decided to leave it where it was and instead add my stuff to it. We then drove back for the second load. The heavy and large items. After having deposited those as well, we took the trailer back home and with only the pick-up and my car we went to pick up the last of the items: garden furniture. 

So, the stuff I have now, is the stuff I have. Nothing in storage at all. Mind you, we're going to that Swedish place next week...

Thursday 9 March 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017


Two colleagues battling the elements
As you know I love snow. And I live in a part of Norway where snow is... let's say... rare. Usually everything around here is drab green and grey during the winter. Today however, it was not. Because today, we got snow!

Not only did we get snow, I had to drive a route through that snow. A route I had only ever driven in a car on a clean clear day. The road was narrow. Bendy. Up-and-downy. With snow? It was an adventure!

The single track road
First however, I had to get to the school. Which was an adventure in itself. Because not only did it snow, there was a lot of wind as well. Blizzard like conditions to make it difficult to see the road. Add to that windscreen wipers that get covered in snow and leaving streaks on the window. I had to stop several times to get rid of the snow and make sure my vision was good again. 

I got there in the end though and picked up a lot of children. Everyone fastened their seat belts and off we went. At a snail's pace! But snail's pace was fine with me on that small and narrow road. I had a small passenger who told me where to go and where to stop and he occasionally got off himself to bang the wipers clear of snow! Brilliant!

I got all the children home in the end and continued to my next school and next trip. And even though the snow made everything look like picture postcards, it also made it quite difficult to drive in. I did get home safely though. With sore shoulders from the strange position, but safe. 

And I still love snow!

Tuesday 7 March 2017

The key

No keys required
A few weeks ago I had part of shift that I had never done before. At least, not that combination. Between two bits of driving I had about 50 minutes of nothing and about five minutes before those fifty minutes were up, I realised I could have gone to the driver's lounge a bit further up the road, where it would have been nice and warm. So, when I had that same bit again today, I knew where I was going!

I did go there and found the door to open. I had the key at the ready and went in with my money bag, my keys (building and bus) and my sandwiches. As I entered the proper driver's lounge, I realised I had left my book on the bus. I put my stuff down, grabbed my keys and went to the bus. Well...

I tried to get to the bus, because I was hindered a great deal by the door. You see, I had the key and it had fit the lock. The problem was though, there was no lock on the inside of the door and no way to get the door open again. After a few attempts, which only resulted in dirty hands, I gave up and called for help. ON THE TELEPHONE!!

The first person I rang was driving and did not answer (a very clever colleague that). So, since I didn't have any phone numbers of other people who might know how to open the door, I had to call traffic control. Who had never been there and had to ask for help from a third party. A bit of snickering went on (well, a lot actually), but they would try and get me some help. 

Help arrived about ten minutes later in the form of another colleague. Who told me it was very unwise to close the door when inside, because it tended to lock. No! Really?? Anyway, I got out in time and was able to drive to the pick-up point. Well, I would have, if I had had my keys. Which had gone missing. In the twenty meters from the driver's lounge to the 'do-not-close-it-might-lock door' I had lost the keys to the bus. 

Were they still on the table? Back inside I went, leaving the door OPEN. Nope, no keys. Perhaps I had dropped them somewhere? I found them in the end. As I had tried to close/lock the door (impossible, I had to use my key, go figure!), they had fallen out of my hand. 

Lesson of the day: stay in the bus next time! 😉

Sunday 5 March 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-8

Since I had so much cotton yarn left over from a while ago and I had just crocheted a little snail that actually came out looking like a snail, I thought I would make something else. Like a cushion!

It's not as big as it ought to be, but I got a bit bored in the end and finished early. Both sides are made with the same technique, but for some reason one side turned out round and the other more hexagonal. Weird that!

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Goodbye Lindy

In September of 2011 I traveled to Canada to see first hand what my emigration country of choice actually looked like. During my first week in Alberta, I met up with a blog friend of mine, called Kay. We had met a couple of times before when she and her husband had been in the Netherlands, but this time I was on their turf.

Kay had invited me to stay with her and her dog in a hotel. I believe it was the first or one of the first times her dog had stayed in a hotel, but she loved every minute and behaved beautifully. On one day we traveled to Jasper and on the other day together, we saw the Badlands, which I loved. And Lindy (the dog) was there all the time.

Lindy was a rescue dog. Nobody knew exactly what her age was, but she was not a pup by any means. And during the last few years that showed. She started having some medical problems and then during the last week or so, she went off her food. Kay and her husband had to make the incredibly difficult decision to let Lindy go. 

My trip to Canada was a memorable one. And Lindy was part of that memory. All my love go to Kay and her husband.