Sunday, 30 June 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019

Home alone

Well, I am not completely alone of course. There is Miss Oswin, wanting to go out at all hours of the day. There is Brom who is happy to know his traveling days aren't over and there is Mouse, who is just happy to be where Brom is. But the human count at this point is 1. My parents have gone on holiday!

Which isn't as simple as it sounds really. Because the car had to be packed. And anything from toilet paper to lace making equipment was coming. No joke! The shops in Germany are closed on a Sunday and waiting until Monday to get the dish washing liquid they might need was not good. 

Ah well, them not being here means I have the house to myself. And for the the coming two and a half weeks there will be no football. No darts. No tennis. No cycling. NO SPORTS! Instead I watched some crime shows yesterday and I must admit: much better. My mum at this point of course is thinking (and probably saying out loud as well) "you know what to do then: move out!" 

Anyway, I am going to enjoy my time alone. Even if I have to make my own dinner and do my own laundry now...

Friday, 14 June 2019

Life and such

Goodness me, nearly two weeks without a sign from me! So, a little update is in order I think. I have been to the cinema with a friend and her two children. Aladdin and I loved it. I had never seen the animated version, only snippets, but this real-life version was brilliant. And the thing I loved the most was that they used actors that fit the story. Nobody blonde and blue-eyed. The only really well-known name was Will Smith as the Genie and he was brilliant. Very well cast. 

Yep, my favourite
I still haven't found a place to live, but that won't happen anyway for a few months yet. I need to be able to show at least three months of wage slips and I am only up to two right now. Then I will have to have enough money to pay the rent and the deposit. Flooring and walls need covering probably, all costing money as well. For now I am fine where I am and saving up.

Yes, I am saving up, but spending it as well. Not the move-money, but other savings. Like my holiday fund. Well, I say fund, it's the runt of the litter piggy-wise and there wasn't that much in it. But, enough to pay for not one, not two, not three, but four flights! Two return trips. I will be spending Christmas and New Year's at my sister's, so my ticket to Belfast and back has been booked. 

Trevi Fountain in Rome on a previous visit
The other ticket that has been booked already is two return tickets to Rome. Two, because I paid for my sister as well. I owe her money anyway, so whether I pay her back and than she has to pay me back or I take it out of her pay-back account immediately... I have been to Rome twice before and loved both times. It is a beautiful city and this time around we can do things at our own pace. We have several things planned and are both really looking forward to it. I would like to see the Pope this time around though, that would be nice. I will keep you posted.

The other things I have planned are a visit to a musical. We Will Rock You will come to the Netherlands with Anastacia playing the lead role. My mum and I will be going to one of the try-outs, but I don't think it will be worse than the actual show. 

I am still working as well. Until yesterday that is. That's when I had to call in sick. I had trouble falling asleep on the night before, but that sometimes happens. I went down to get myself a peanut butter sandwich (mmm) and then went back up to bed. It took another half hour or so to finally fall asleep and then two and a half hours later I was wide awake. There was pain/severe discomfort in the area just below my breasts. I tossed and turned, sitting on hands and knees in bed until I finally gave up. 

I went down again, taking a bowl with me as well as I kept feeling as if I had to throw up (which only happened with some help). The pain/discomfort was quite severe and there was no sleep to be had apart from the odd minute here and there. I phoned in sick at a halfway decent time (7am), feeling that working like I felt with so little sleep was not good. At all.

On occasion she can be a tad indecent...
After my parents had come down I made my way back to my room, but the discomfort made it impossible for me to sleep. I got up again. Wandered about a bit. To the bathroom. Then to my parents' bedroom, which was noisy because by now family had started to arrive as it was my father's 74th birthday. The window washer made more noise. I got up again. Took a shower and went downstairs feeling like a wet rag. After half an hour of family I was getting dizzy and tired. Up to bed I went again. Where I managed to at least doze for about an hour, while Miss O kept me company.

After that the pain/discomfort had started to lessen and I went downstairs again. I was able to get some food down (soup, ice-cream, the proper food for sick people!) and slowly I picked up. By evening the pain had gone and the only thing remaining was a slight headache: not enough to drink and definitely not enough sleep will do that to me. Today the only thing I feel is a slight headache (still) and muscle ache. Coughing, laughing and bending the wrong way are felt. If anybody has a clue about what this might have been: answer on a postcard to the usual address. Or in the comments...

Our mimosa plant in bloom
Today I had a day off anyway and tomorrow I will be back at work. And that's it for me. Future fun and current not so fun (although the birthday was fun). Oh, and nearly three weeks of solitude as my parents are leaving on their holiday tomorrow.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Photo on Sunday 2019-23

These filters on that photo program are pretty nifty I think... And yes, this is me!