Friday 29 April 2022

Tears of frustration

Okay, perhaps not quite the tears, but I can tell you, I am not far off! And this time it doesn't even have to do with my hands, which is even more frustrating. It has to do with a simple pink card.

As you know I lived in Norway for a few years. And while in Norway, I had to have my driver's license renewed. I got all the necessary paperwork in order, went to the department that issued the licenses and then waited until the Dutch authorities gave a positive answer and got my Norwegian license. Then I moved to the UK.

In the UK I had to exchange my license within a year and I was on my way of getting the paperwork done when I moved back to the Netherlands. Where it wasn't necessary to exchange until the license was out of date. Which is December of this year. However...

When in Norway, it took some time to validate my license and to beat that, I made sure I had plenty of time before I had to renew in order to avoid problems. Two weeks ago I got my final course work done, three days ago I had my physical. Everything was in order, everything was fine. Yesterday I went to my local council to renew my Norwegian license to a Dutch one. 

As in Norway, I had to leave my license behind. They have to physically check whether it's valid or not with the Norwegian authorities. In Norway I was issued a piece of paper saying that I was allowed to drive the vehicle categories stated on the paper during the duration. Only in Norway (and Sweden and Denmark), but as that was where I was living anyway, that wasn't a problem. I could still drive and since I do that for a living...

Not so in the Netherlands. No document is issued saying I can drive for the duration of the checks right up to the point of my new Dutch license. If I were to drive, I were to do so uninsured. Which is one thing when you only drive to and from work (and I wouldn't do it then), it's another completely when it is your actual job. Anything goes wrong and both me and the company would be in big doodah!

Which means: I cannot drive. I cannot do my job. So, I checked. Was it correct? Was there a way around this? Short answer: NO. Long answer: DEFINITELY NO. The department won't even tell me how far they are in processing my stuff and there is no way of chasing anybody up, as they won't tell where and how.

Instead of going back to normalcy next week, of getting back into the flow of things, I am grounded yet again. Not sick, but on holiday this time.

PS: Just so you know: I waited 9 months for a Norwegian license. 

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-16

Pre-posted folks, so I won't miss out again... Anyway, last week's challenge resulted in three completely right answers, and since some of you gave a completely wrong answer, albeit in the right country, I have decided only the right answers get points. Yamini, Gerrit and Fun60 knew/guessed this was the Arena in Verona. Not Rome, nor Arles (which was also a good guess by the way, just not good enough). 
My story? I visited Verona years ago. In fact, my first ever enjoyment of a pizza was on the piazza facing this arena. I have never been inside. Perhaps in the future some time.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.

Monday 25 April 2022


Is that even a word? Normalcy? Because I am slowly getting back to it. The right hand is pretty good again and the left is slowly following suit. I am still not up to 100%, but about 80% right now is pretty ok I think.

Lately I have been working in the garden a bit. Half an hour maximum on any given day really. Pulling weeds, mowing the grass. I don't dare do too much, just in case, but so far so good. Other than that I have been reading a lot. I got going with Jack Reacher and am now on book 11. Yesterday I started one and finished it at 1 in the morning, because I just wanted to know whodunnit! 

I have been watching a lot of television as well of course, plus I went to the cinema several times. I saw The Duke which was really good, Fantastic Beasts 3 (made my sister jealous), The 355, The Lost City, Uncharted (twice), Moonfall and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. I was supposed to go to Morbius, but canceled in the end as it is not really a genre I like. 

From next week however that will change a bit. Yes, the reading will most likely continue as will tv and cinema, but I will have to ration it more as I will be going back to work! Oh yes, after five months at home I will get back in uniform (providing I can find one that fits, I have gained a bit) and start driving again. The first week I will be at 50% of my normal hours, just to see how everything holds up. And then I will have a week off, as that was the plan way before the operations. Hopefully after that I will be back to 100%.

So, I think I will have to really enjoy my last week of 'freedom'. I know Miss O will need to as she has gotten used to me being home for so long. 

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-15

I missed last week! Shame on me!! I hope you will forgive me. But I am back now and I hope you have not all run for the hills. Last week's challenge was a mixed bag of answers. Although most of you were in the same sort of area (ie Eastern Europe). It was of course a guard in front of Prague Castle in Czechia (or Czech Republic). Gerrit gets a complete point, Yamini and Gera get half a point and Hilary gets a quarter point. Oh, and Gerrit also gets a point for the Sacré Coeur, I only saw his answer today.
My story? In 2016 my sister and I made our way to Prague and did a lot of walking. A lot of walking! One of the things we visited was Prague Castle and right in front was this guard. I think we were even there for the changing of the guard, which was a simple affair.

On to this week's challenge. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week (yes, NEXT week).

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Tuesday's Travels 22-14

Last week's challenge was of course the Sacré Coeur in Paris, France and plenty of you did get that right. So, points go to Yamini, Fun60, Bettina, Harm, Debby and Hilary. 
My story? During the same trip to Paris as the Versailles outing, my sister and I spent a day in Paris doing the rounds. And one thing we also saw was this church. We got all the way up there (I think we took the funiculaire), but did not go inside, which is something that needs to be rectified at some point in the future I think. 

On to this week's challenge then. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.