Sunday, 22 October 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-35

Time to change the bed. And since the temperatures have dropped lately... 

I had to get out the thin summer duvet (it was so cold here this summer, I only used my thicker spring/autumn duvet) and connect it to the thicker one again. Making a lovely warm winter duvet.

Then it was time for severe struggles with the duvet cover. And now the bed is ready for me! 

Saturday, 21 October 2017


I recently bought some items designed by my friend Yamini (she who is living it up in Scotland with a certain teddy). A lovely clock and a scarf. 

I am not a scarf person. Never was. So, why I bought it, I don't know. But now I have it, it actually looks quite good. I love the colours (which led me to buy it in the first place) and it feels quite cool around my neck amazingly. 

There was one thing nagging me though: the label is quite big and sticky-out. And I wanted to cut it off. Until I read the German text: Handwäsche, nicht bleichen, nicht chemisch reinigen, nicht im Trockner trocknen, nicht bügeln, keine Hüte essen.

Hold on, what was that last bit??? Where's the English version?

Hand wash only; do not bleach; do not dry clean; do not tumble dry; do not iron; do not eat hats. 

Yes, I had read it right! Do not eat hats. And it doesn't only say so in German and English, but also in French and Spanish (where it's called sombreros which I find even funnier). 

Anyway, I bought a scarf. I like the scarf. I like the label now as well. And I promise: I won't eat hats!

Friday, 20 October 2017


No, I am not going back to school. The thought alone is bad enough! But I will be going to a course. A union course. Not sure what to expect. I know one thing for certain: I won't know anybody there! 

This course will take place over the weekend and not in town. Which means: traveling! And because a certain Bear has not made his way home yet (I wonder if he likes it too much in Scotland and doesn't want to come home), a certain Mouse will take over travel duties. Very important!

Other than that: not much news. So, I leave you with some more flower photos from my trips to Ireland.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


It has been well over three months since I saw my gp and got a load of medication to try and a diary to keep. Some of the medication worked great (especially the one for migraine), some didn't work at all. The stuff I had to take daily only had one effect: it made me extremely tired. I stopped taking it at the end of last month. 

The stuff I had to take when I got a headache, didn't work either. The only thing that seemed to be able to give me some relief was either cold packs on my forehead or heat packs on my shoulders/back. But once the headache had taken hold, even those didn't work anymore. 

I kept the diary quite faithfully, although sometimes a week after the fact. From what I can gather from the diary is that the main 'event' happens about every two to three weeks. And with that I mean a massive attack that will take me out of the game for a few days. 

Today I thought I would go see my gp, but alas, no room today, unless medical urgency. So, I got an appointment for next week and then we will talk about options. My goal is to get rid of the headaches and only have the migraines left. They happen about two to three times a year, sometimes less, sometimes more. With the new medication I should be able to deal with those quite comfortably. 

Of course I don't know what the doctor will tell me. Will it be neurologist, fysiotherapist/chiropractor or something altogether different again. I will find out next Wednesday.

All photos taken in July 2005 on Illnacullen, Ireland

Monday, 16 October 2017

A break

The pearl stitch: knit one, purl one. Repeat until the end.
It looks beautiful, but it is hard on the hands.
I have taken a little break from the mice, although I will shortly be returning to them. I decided to start another project. 

As you may recall, I recently went on a shopping spree where I bought yarn and wool and more yarn and more wool. As the saying goes: 'you can never have enough yarn'. But I didn't just want to own this yarn, I also wanted to do something with it. So, last week I started.

With a round-knit-needle and the first ball of yarn, I got going. According to the pattern I would need 251 stitches (that is NOT a typo), but that was for large. I am a bit bigger, so I needed even more stitches and in the end it was 275 (again, NOT a typo). The first couple of rows were torture. I am used to knitting with a needle under my arm and with round-knit-needles, that is not possible. 

What I have done so far.
Anyway, forward a couple of days and I have all but completed a quarter of what I am making. Since it will be a garment without any seams, it will probably become a bit heavy, but so far, it works fine. And if you're wondering about the colours: dark green, light green and burnt orange. Not grey.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-34

Having never cooked for 6 people before (apart from lasagne, but that is easy-ish) and never having cooked certain dishes before, I decided I would need a trial first. Yesterday was the starter's turn. The result did have some faults. So, definitely some more work needed. Or a rethink for that matter!

Friday, 13 October 2017


Right before I went on holiday (like a life time ago), I got an order for two of my mice from a guy called Andrew. Brilliant! So, I got the ones he wanted, put them in a box, wrote his address on it, stuck a sticker with my address on it, got a stamp and sent it off. 

Then, earlier this week, I got a message from a friend of his: whether I knew what happened to those mice, since he never got them! I must admit, I did feel bad about that, because I don't use track and trace, which would make sending mice even more expensive.

Forward to yesterday and a box was waiting for me. Addressed to Andrew. With a sticker from Royal Mail on top. Saying it hadn't been collected. And therefore being sent back to me. 

From what I could gather from the stickers and such: the box had arrived within a week of me sending it, but it was never collected. I know Andrew has been extremely busy lately, so a Royal Mail notice might have slipped his notice. But, three weeks after sitting on a shelf, the mice were sent back. It then took a further three weeks to get to me for some reason. 

Those are adventurous mice I can tell you!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Knit and purl

Do you do that? When knitting (or crocheting) something and you see that you are nearing the end of the ball of yarn and yet you have still a bit to go and then you start knitting faster? Because that way the yarn might last longer? You don't? 

Just me then...

Monday, 9 October 2017

The mice

The original lot. One small and three large left at this point.
My time lately has been pretty much taken up by mice. Not the real ones (Miss O would soon put an end to that), but the knitted versions for Mice for Mama. Sales have slackened somewhat, which in one way is kinda sad, in another way it's kinda good: my stock was running low and I very much needed to make some more. 

The twin mice
Along came a colleague. Who wanted two small ones for his twin grandchildren (one of each type). And then he wanted two large ones that I had already sold. So, an order for two similar ones came in. Then there was the colleague who is a fan of a certain football club and could I make one in their colours? And then the colleague arrived who had already bought two 'off the rack' as it were, but kept giving them away to her bonus grandson and now definitely wanted one for herself!

The 'exploding head' mouse. 
That kept me busy for a while. But apparently not busy enough, because once they were done, I started on a few that are not the norm. They are a bit different. With some extras, some embellishments. Because I am making a couple especially for Hallowe'en! I have made one right now and there is another one in the make. Plus plans (but no time this year) for at least six more. 

Detail of the feet of the first Special one.
For sale on October 15th
I still have to make two regular ones for November and then three regular ones for December and I want to make a couple of specials for Christmas as well! Guess I will be busy...

Sunday, 8 October 2017