Sunday 31 January 2016

Photo on Sunday 2016-05

Just enjoying a lazy day.

Thursday 28 January 2016

...and that's the answer 6

Pain yes, crying no!
Murphy and Stanley wanted to know about what three words I would use to describe myself. And I really had to think about that one. 

I have always seen myself as a bit of a cry-baby, until I was told that in fact, I am not. I will continue doing what I do even when others would have long since thrown in the towel. Meaning I might not be as much of a cry-baby I always thought I was. 

I never really saw myself as adventurous. I just liked to see new things and meet new people and go new places. Is that adventurous? I would have said curious more than adventurous, but perhaps in my case they might be the same.

Christmas and knitting in one go.
I know that some people think me strange. I love Eurovision and war documentaries. I love Christmas and food programmes (just not Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver or that awful Marco Pierre White who gives me the heebie jeebies). I love biathlon and knitting. I love the cinema and reading. 

I would like to be thought of as a writer. I know now that a novel might be beyond my grasp, but if I can write a story that others want to read, even if it is only about Miss Oswin and her dislike for snow, I feel that I am a writer.

I know for a fact that I am lazy. If I get the choice to go for a walk or sit in front of the computer/television, I choose the latter. If I get the choice to do the dishes/laundry/cleaning or sit in front of the computer/television, I choose the latter. I am always hopeful that some magic elves come out and do my housework and make me fit again. I think they might be stuck in that time machine in my basement. 

I would like others to think of me as loving. I love my friends and family, although I don't always show it in a good way. I certainly don't say it often enough. But I do. Love them I mean. As I told a friend recently, if I didn't, they wouldn't be in my life. Because over the years I have realised that even if you don't always see eye to eye about something, some people are better in than out, even with the differences.

Out of all those things, I think I would want to use the following words to really describe myself: adventurous, loving and writer. And I think that encapsulates most of what and who I am.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

...and that's the answer 5

Lottery numbers? Seriously???
Frankie Furter and Ernie were a bit cheeky and requested to know the lottery numbers. Which I could give them of course, but they would only work if they had a time machine! Which I don't. Unless you count that weird thing in the basement, but I have yet to figure out how to work it...

They did have a second and more serious question though: the average temperature in Norway! Now, there is a question for me. And virtually unanswerable. It's like asking the average temperature of the United States. Alaska brings the temperature down, Hawaii takes it up. It's the same with Norway. 

The country is so long and thin that there are so many differences. The northernmost part of the country is within the polar circle. The southern part is just above Aberdeen in Scotland. Then it depends whether it is east or west, especially down south, where the country is at its widest. I live in the west. It rains. Winters are usually brown/green with a lot of water and low, but not freezing temperatures. In the east, winters are usually white with below zero temperatures. The far north white and below zero again. 

Summers in the west are green and wet. In the east green and a little less wet. Temperatures are okay, although in 2014 it was a perfect summer with a lot of warmth and very little rain. 

Of course, even where I live snow and cold can come. As long as the wind is from the east (Russia/Siberia), we get below and snow. But as soon as the wind comes from the west, which it does mostly, it means above and rain. 

But, I haven't mentioned a single number yet! Well, after some serious digging, I found out that the average temperature in the north was about +2 degrees Celsius (35 F), the average where I live about 10 C (50F). Winters are -10C (14F) in the north, 2C (35F) where I live. Summers are 13C (55F) up north, 15C (59F) where I live. However, the temperatures are on the rise here in Norway as well. 

I hope this more or less answers your question?

Tuesday 26 January 2016

The old head

Could it be? 
Remember that little operation I had last year? The one where they removed a few of my insides? Well, ever since I have used the pill. The anti-conception pill to be clear. For medical reasons, because they removed most of the insides, but left one part. And that part could cause trouble in the future if I don't take the pill. I had noticed however that while I was on 'menopause' (during my sick leave) I did not have any headaches and as soon as I started taking the pill (almost at the same time as going back to work), they came back.

After nearly a year of taking the pill though, I needed a new prescription. And I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my headaches as well. Yesterday was the day. A nice young female doctor (not my own, she has been on leave for ages now) finally got to see me after a long wait. I opened my mouth and 'ring ring' the telephone. A few minutes later I got another chance and 'ring ring' the telephone. Fortunately that was it with the ringing and I was able to tell her what I wanted to tell her. 

Could it be my job??
She pulled up the details of my operation and I found out it had been even harder then I always had thought. We then talked about how the pill might affect my head. And I realised that perhaps it didn't. Perhaps the problem lay in another area altogether. Because when she stood behind me and tried to 'massage' me, it really hurt. 

Which means: I continue with the pill I have been using and will be sent on to see a physiotherapist to help with the locked shoulders and neck. It will take a few weeks she said, but knowing how slow it can go... it might take a bit longer. But, on the plus side: something is being done!


Monday 25 January 2016

...and that's the answer 3

Yamini had quite a mundane question for me: what's for dinner? Because she liked my stories about my stove and me. Well, I will need to tell you a little story first. 

When I lived in the Netherlands, my mother would call me sometime around November and asked me whether I felt like Snert that winterseason. Snert being a Dutch pea soup that will warm you and fill you. It is thick.  Very very thick. Spoon upright thick. Some years I would answer no, knowing I didn't feel like eating that particular dish during that winter. Other years I would say yes and a few days after the phone call I would usually come home to a note on the kitchen counter, saying there was snert in the freezer. 

Then I moved to a different country. And having my Mum come around with snert isn't that obvious. Which means I have to get it some other way if I feel like it. Fortunately there is google and there are plenty of snert recipes out there. Then I had to get the ingredients, which proved a bit harder. Yes, the potato and leek and carrot, the sausage, speck/bacon and meat is fine. But some of the other ingredients are a bit harder. In the end I went with what was there: parsnip and something else I already forgot the name of.

In the end however, I got all the ingredients and proceeded to make the soup (potatoes not shown in the photo). The end result? Well, like the first time I made it over here in Norway: not good! It smelled like snert, and it even tasted of snert. But the consistency was way too liquid (too much water perhaps?) and I had to use the blender to turn the peas into something resembling edible and even then it was like eating grit. I had one bowl and threw the rest of it out (I saved the meat though).

Yamini's question: what's for dinner? Ehm... pancakes!

Sunday 24 January 2016

Photo on Sunday 2016-4

Some winter photos of this past week. The first one showing the view from Haugesund towards Karmøy Island. The fog made it all look quite magical I felt.

The second photo shows an area where I had never driven before. As you can see it's a single track road and that was the way it was cleared. Like most smaller roads in the area I hasten to add. Just drive carefully...

Thursday 21 January 2016

Cats vs Humans 1

As you may have read last week, I received a book from my sister with photos of cats and men, posing (well, the men, the cats were just being cute) in similar positions. 

I thought I could do something similar, even if I haven't got a man to pose. I do however have plenty of photos of myself in various silly, stupid and unexpected poses.

The top photo shows my first two cats: Wuppie and Mathilda, while they are playing on top of a mattress. The bottom photo shows me while I lay on (I think) 8 mattresses. Let me just say it was easier for them to get down...

Wednesday 20 January 2016

...and that's the answer 2

In Belgium
Another question was from Marie Smith who wanted to know where I got my spirit of adventure from. To be quite honest: I don't really know. I grew up in a stable household and I don't think there was much adventure there. However, from a young age, I have always wanted to be where I wasn't. That train that left the station? I wanted to be on it. Even if it only went tweny kilometers down the tracks to the next town and then came back! It was to somewhere I wasn't, it was to somewhere new. 

Adventures in 'how to loose your money and tell the police in Yugoslavia while very hungover'
Over the years, that wanting to go to somewhere else, somewhere new grew until I finally got the chance when I got a phone call from a friend of mine: she hated where she worked and wanted to go home. Unless I could come. I asked my parents, they said okay and off I went. To a place deep in Belgium where I had never been and where they spoke French! I didn't. I arrived by train and waited for my (Dutch) ride. Fifteen minutes, half an hour, an hour, and still I was sitting just outside that station. Finally after more than an hour and a half he showed. He had gone shopping before picking me up! Instead of picking me up and then going shopping!! Idi... Mor... Nincompoop!

In England
That really started my sense of adventure. I only stayed there for three weeks and really loved it. The year after, I made my way to Yugoslavia (as it was known back then) for six months. One month at home and three months in Brussels. Straight on to Sicily, Italy (7 months). One month at home before heading off to the French Alps (6 months), another month at home and then two and a half years in England, before finally moving back home.

In the Netherlands I worked for several temping agencies and did all sorts of low and unskilled jobs: cleaning, factories, kitchens and canteens. All through though, I (again) wanted more. I tried the army, but couldn't get in (too unfit) and then my father gave me the advice to try bus driving lessons. I passed on my second try, got a job at the first try, nearly lost my job over the amount of damages I had those first three months, but seventeen year later, I am still at it.

Adventures in 'snake wrangling'. 
I don't know what the future will hold for me. I hope there will be many more adventures, but where and what they will be? Your guess is as good as mine!

Tuesday 19 January 2016

I got it!

The back of the house
As you may have gathered from reading my blog, I do actually quite like winter and I especially like snow. I just love how everything becomes pretty and nice and even. There has been quite a bit of snow in my part of the world, although where I live most of it had melted. 

The front of the house
There were however several places close by that had lots of snow and I knew there would be several great photo opportunities to be had. Since I had only a short shift yesterday, I decided to go to one of my favourite look-out spots and take photos from there. 

Nope, not liking that white stuff
But then... the snow started. And stopped. And started again. And it just kept snowing. Knowing that I would have to drive uphill on a road that was most likely not the cleanest of roads, I decided against driving there and instead go home. Since it was snowing anyway...

Just to please Mara!
Miss Oswin took one look outside and decided that was not for her. Although when I opened the door again she shot out and was probably quite surprised by the snow. I did manage to take some really nice photos before she wanted to go in again (about two minutes). Showing off her Norwegian Forest Cat heritage in all its glory!

The terrible snowman. It felt like it anyway
I had by then bundled up warm and put on my sturdiest walking shoes. I was going for my lap. It wasn't so much hard going, but it wasn't easy either. I hadn't wanted to take my usual camera (either of them) with me, since it would only get wet. Unless I hid it in my coat, which would mean opening up my coat every time! I did however take my iPod with me and that has a photo option as well. 

Look closely, there is a church in this photo!
My walk was nice and I was quite chuffed with myself for venturing out. And by the time I got back, all the tracks I had made in the garden while taking photos of Miss Oswin were covered already! Mad I tell you! The snow isn't to last though. Apparently from the weekend onwards we are expecting temperatures to go into the plus again. 

My favourite photo from my walk

Monday 18 January 2016

...and that's the answer 1

Wow, several really good questions and they require some really good answers of course. The first question was posed by Madi and her Mom and wonders about the name 'Brom'. What does it mean and where does it come from?

The Dutch word brom comes from the verb 'brommen' which basically means to growl. Not a menacing growl, more of a low rumbly growl. It also means to grumble, as in grumbling over the low temperature of the porridge for example. But I think Brom got his name because there is a word in the Netherlands "Brombeer". The first part meaning the grumble and the second part meaning bear. It is used for people who are a bit on the grumbly side. And Brom's full name is actually Brom Beer (Grumble Bear). Of course Brom is nowhere near being grumbly, being the nicest teddy you could imagine. And he loves to dress up and meeting new friends!

Sunday 17 January 2016

Photo on Sunday 2016-3

This is what you get when you run out of wool and buy some new. Especially after some of my colleagues then tell me there is a 20% off sale on at another shop! The grey socks with the cardboard label are done, and one blueish sock is also done (left other left). And I am in the middle of knitting the other one to make the pair complete: the one with all the needles sticking out!

Saturday 16 January 2016

...that's the question

A few years ago I gave people the chance to ask me questions and I would (try to) answer each one. Sometimes I answered outright, other times I would refer to a post I had done earlier. Well, being a lazy so and so, I thought I would do so again, since there are so many new faces reading my blog. Of course you don't have to be a new face to ask a question, you faithful long-time readers are quite welcome to ask questions as well. 

So, is there something you want to know? You can ask anything (and I mean anything) and I will try and answer, although I do reserve the right to not answer of course. It is after all my blog. I will answer any questions in posts coming up (see how lazy I am: not wanting to think of what to write about and letting you do all the work?).

Get asking!

Photo taken in Verona, Italy in 1997

Thursday 14 January 2016


Isn't it fun when you go to the mailbox and instead of finding nothing (the usual occurrence in my home) or a bill, you find a package. From my sister no less! Completely unexpected as well!!

Today however, that was exactly what happened. There was the electricity bill and there was the package. On the little label it said it contained a lamp and a book. I realised what kind of lamp she had sent, since she has one and I wanted one. The book was a bit more of a mystery. Would it be a romantic novel, a cook book or a catty book?

It was the latter. A book filled with photos of men and cats. In similar positions. The cats won out in cuteness in about 99% of the book though. I mean, it's cats!!

Anyway, the lamp is upstairs meaning I won't have to grapple for the lights in the evening or the morning, since it will come on when it detects movement. Brilliant!

Thank you little sister. I love it!

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Miss Oswin in the snow


I don't know what that woman thinks, but honestly, why would a cat like snow? Do I look like a Snow Leopard? Or a Siberian Tiger? Yes, of course I have some Norwegian Forest Cat in me somewhere, but that is mostly my tail! Mind you, I did go out on my own, so I have to give her that.

That snow however is awful. It's cold, it sticks to my feet and tummy and fur, it get's in my eyes and sits on my tail and even worse: this snow was wet snow. It would turn to water immediately, making me wet. Did I ever tell you that cats don't like water?? And don't you start telling me about Ocelots and Fish Cats and Sumatran Tigers and such. They are freaks of nature!

Mara decided though that five minutes out in that wet snow was enough for her and I completely agreed! Sometimes it's better to be inside and watch what happens outside!

PS: update 1: The headache hadn't lessened and I am now on my second sick leave day. Knowing the pattern of headaches from the past, I should be well enough again by tomorrow.

Photo taken in Kopervik by Paul André Sommerfeldt for Karmøy Nytt
Update 2: I managed to get off that roundabout last Sunday without any damages. A colleague today was not so lucky. Six of his passengers were hurt when the main road he drove on (so, not where I had my trouble) turned out to be very slippery and he hit a concrete wall. The driver himself was trapped for a while before they managed to get him out. None of them were badly hurt though, but still: don't play with the weather!

Tuesday 12 January 2016

To blog or not to blog?

I am not really sure about what I should blog today. Should I blog about my extra day off today? Nothing to do with snow or icy roads though, purely a non-cooperative head. Last night as I was watching television I managed to see about 10 minutes in a 6 hour period! The rest of the time I was asleep. I felt sick all evening and was glad I managed to keep everything down. I did phone work though, saying I wasn't coming in today!!

Should I blog about the fact I slept in a different bed last night? Nothing to do with staying somewhere else, purely a head-hurting/no bedding on my own and not feeling up to putting some on either and therefore moving to my guest bed. (Found out this morning that all the sheets for my bed were in the laundry)

Should I blog about the fact that even though the temperatures fell again yesterday evening, my night was actually quite toasty. With only one hot water bottle and a summer duvet and a folded up woollen blanket I was fine. The room is of course much smaller and it is facing South as well, so it does get the sun. 

Yes, I knit on the bus as well! This photo taken on Sunday
Should I blog about the socks I am knitting for my father? And the pair I have on order from a colleague? Both of course sporting extra large feet. Well, probably not extra large, but anyway. Which reminds me of the old joke: What can you say about a man with big feet? Well, he needs big socks! (You dirty minds you!)

Or should I just give up blogging for today and go into hiding? What do you say people?

Monday 11 January 2016

Careful of the icy patch

Icy selfie
I had to work yesterday. Which was okay in one sense, since it would be my last Sunday shift. We are getting new rotas and there are no Sunday shifts on mine. However, I was quite sad to have to work, because yesterday we had snow and I quite like snow! 

I went to work though, enjoying the snow that was lying everywhere, seeing the snowmen going up, seeing children with sleds and a lot of people out to enjoy the weather. The temperatures were not as low as earlier in the week, so unfortunately quite a bit of the snow melted, especially where I live: when I got home, there was hardly any left!

The high temperatures combined with frozen undergrounds left a big problem for areas that had not been salted and/or gritted though. Ice rinks. And I encountered one. And not just a simple flat ice rink either, oh no, it was uphill! Not that much of a problem if you are a person trying to get from A to B. If however you drive a bus, like I did, it gets a bit trickier. 

A nice fresh bath anyone?
There is a small roundabout  on the side of the road to allow buses to change direction that is at quite a steep angle and that had frozen over. I hadn't noticed though, since the rest of the road was absolutely fine. There was a car parked in a stupid place, but even so I felt I could avoid that and do my tour around the roundabout. I was wrong!

I wasn't even half way up, when I felt my wheels slipping and my bus going backwards. I hit the brakes with all my might, but that low wall behind the bus was coming ominously close. Fortunately I stopped in time. I was however by then better situated and tried again. This time it was even scarier and the wall came even closer! I then decided that car needed to move. Turned out, the minute she would take off the brakes, she would ram into me: she had the exact same problem! 

Help was at hand though, her son got grit from the grit box outside the school and put it in front of her wheels. In a moment she was off. He then went back for more grit for my front wheels and I managed to get out of that situation, by backing out and driving away in the opposite direction. 

Perhaps I won't wish for snow so much next time...

PS: the title of the post today comes from a line in a short Muppet movie: A Muppet Family Christmas. Everybody entering the house of Fozzie's mother is told to be 'careful of the icy patch!'

Sunday 10 January 2016

Photo on Sunday 2016-02

As I was walking my usual lap the other day, I came across two boys (early teens I would guess) testing out the ice in a small marshy bit. The one on the right told me it was thick enough to walk on. 

Friday 8 January 2016


One of my four plans this year contained going to the cinema more often. But I don't want to see just any film. I am no Star Wars or James Bond fan. I don't like those shoot-them-up films without any story to them and romantic comedies are quite thin on the ground right now for some reason. 

Then a lady I know said on Facebook that she had just seen this film and it was really good. Seeing as she also had read the book, that was high praise. Several of my colleagues saw the film and loved it (albeit none of them had read the book). I knew which film would be my first of this year: En mann ved navn Ove (or A man called Ove). 

I asked a friend whether she liked to come with me, since it's always more fun with two, and she said she would love to. She could have gone earlier this week, but other engagements had put a stop to that. So, last night I picked her up and off we went to see Ove. 

It was brilliant! It was funny and sad and at the end of the film (like the book), I cried. And I wasn't the only one either. According to my friend (yep, wet cheeks) the man sitting beside her, was wiping his eyes as well and I am sure there were plenty of others.

Highly recommended, both book (by Fredrik Backmann) and film!

Thursday 7 January 2016

To add insult...

So, I had written yesterday's post and went out for my walk. And lo and behold, what is one of the first things I encounter? A car! And not just any car either...


Wednesday 6 January 2016


Mice with feathers. A definite winner in Miss Oswin's books.
I read a post today where they mentioned Lake Superior University's list of words and phrases that they would like to see banished due to overuse, misuse or general uselesness. Like 'So' at the beginning of every sentence; problematic; stakeholder; price point; manspreading and vape. 

There are some words on that list that I have never even heard of (like vape) and others don't seem so problematic to me. There is however one word that I would love to see banished. Journey!

I feel that the word has been overused so much, it gives me the shivers every time I hear it. I don't mind the literal meaning: a journey from London to Manchester for example. By train or by bus or by car or if you're feeling up to it: by foot. It's the other meaning, the more floaty meaning that gets me grinding my teeth. 

On Strictly Come Dancing they used the word so much. "It was a journey to get this far. We had to overcome trials and tribulations to get the paso doble to look like it was danced by original Spanish dancers instead of a professional and a left-footed clutz". Journey this and journey that. 

Mind you, even I have been guilty of using the word in its floatier meaning. I am sorry. It will not happen again. At least I will try not to let it happen again. Because after all, I am only human. 

Tuesday 5 January 2016


Even the signpost was cold!
Freezing that is. Below freezing. As in it's cold. Fortunately no wind today, but some is expected for the coming days. As is snow, but that won't come until next week apparently. Other than that, the freezing temperatures are to stay for a while yet. Which for the part of Norway I am living in, is quite unusual. The weather during the winter is normally rain and plus temperatures. 

I don't mind so much about the cold. I like the cold. You can dress up for the cold. Put on a pair of longjohns or an extra shirt under your uniform. A pair of lovely pink mittens when out walking. A bright orange hat. 

My bed looks has more blankets on it than usual as well. And today I bought something I thought I would never buy: an electric blanket. Whether I will be using it on my own bed, or whether it will be for the guest bed, is still up for debate in my head. Then again, having to strip the bed in these temperatures is no fun either. 

Anyway. It's cold here. Just thought you would like to know!

Monday 4 January 2016

Same new same old

I had to move my birdies to the top of the tree to stop Miss Oswin from getting them!
Those first days in the new year are always a bit strange aren't they. You get rid of the Christmas decorations (will be doing that as soon as this is posted) and the house looks bare. Nowhere near as fun and cosy as it did when the decorations were in place. Mind you, I have enough stuff to take its place and it will at least be easier to protect my tree ornaments. Miss Oswin is quite a good young pussycat, but she does love my birds. Can't imagine why really, but there you go. 

Another thing of course getting back to work. Now, I already worked this year. I worked New Year's Eve into New Year's Day (awful, absolutely awful and NOT to be repeated. EVER!!!) and on New Year's Day itself. But today is the first day the schools will be back and all the people will go back to work. Which means, business as usual. 

Oh, by the way: I have just heard about the first film I want to see in the cinema. It is (most likely) a Swedish production of a book I read in Norwegian (translated from Swedish) and I laughed and cried and absolutely adored it. Hopefully the film will be equally as good.

Sunday 3 January 2016

Photo on Sunday 2016-01

The first Sunday of 2016 and here I am: back with Photo on Sunday. Here are some sheep I saw while doing my first lap of the year. It was windy, it was cold, but despite recent overenjoying my food, I still managed to do it fairly easily.

Saturday 2 January 2016

The plan

I have decided that for the new year I have to have a plan. Not resolutions, but a plan.

The first thing to do with this plan is decide what I want out of the new year. Which are basically four things: a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy (and bigger) house and a healthy relationship with friends and family. 

Having decided those four, I had to think of what I could do to make those things happen. Not anybody else. Me! And here's what I have come up with. 

1. The healthy body

When I first moved to England (a lifetime ago), my doctor told me I needed to be careful not to put on too much weight. Did I heed his advice? No. So, over the last twenty years I have put on a few pounds here and there until it resulted in the Mara I am now. A very weighty matter indeed. Fortunately those pounds have not (yet) caused problems like diabetes, high cholesterol or such, but lately I have noticed a few creaks here and there. 

The plan
  • Watching my food intake (read bad food intake). I do cook and when I do it's healthy (enough), but I also do the fast thing: microwave meals. Or just a hot dog. Not good at all. And neither are the sweeties I buy on occasion, or the crips. It's a good thing I don't eat chocolate anymore!
  • Get moving again. The surgery was last year and since then I have only done two laps of where I live. I could have done over two hundred! Basically, I have to get off my big behind and do something again. 
  • Finding out where those ^%#@%^ headaches come from and then hopefully not have them anymore. The no chocolate and no cheese rule has not yet gotten me the results I want. I have this notion the headaches might be hormone related and since I will have to go and see my gp soon anyway, I will try and get something done there.
2. The healthy mind

Of course a healthy body is part of the healthy mind, but even being overweight and having a headache shouldn't stop me from doing things I like to do. Yes, I do love to read and watch Christmas films and knit, but there are many more things I like. The theater, the cinema, visiting new places, dancing (not that awful stuff Norwegians call dancing though, but ballroom), concerts. Last year I hardly did any of that. 

The plan
  • Try and go to the cinema or theater at least once a month. Our new rotas start soon and I have not a single late shift, plus quite a few shifts that start at a decent hour (ie after 7am). I don't have to work a single Sunday, so my Saturday nights should be good to go. I even checked up on the local theater and there is a show I wouldn't mind seeing: Carmen!
  • Take dancing lessons again. Learning how to salsa or how to tango. Or what about belly dancing or tap dancing. I will need to have a look into those, but I have seen classes advertised. Although not the tap dancing. More's the shame. And the plus on the dancing would also be: a healthier body!
  • There will be the Oslo Tattoo again this year and since I need to go to Oslo anyway to get my passport renewed (I hope it's Oslo anyway), I might as well make a weekend out of it. I have been to Oslo before, but haven't seen even half of what I want to see. Two birds in one!! Plus of course the holiday in the autumn that my sister and I are planning. Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich are on the list. 
3. The healthy house

Having lived with the boil or buy water for nearly a year now, I have the funny idea my landlords aren't that bothered with doing anything about it. I won't go further into that though. The other thing about this house is that it is becoming too small. Or my amount of stuff is growing of course, but let's keep it at too small!

The plan
  • Basically: MOVE! It's that simple. A house with two double rooms (or more) instead of one double and one box room. A house with the bathroom located either near the bedrooms or at least away from the kitchen. A house with a floor that doesn't go up and down when you tiptoe over it. A house with a basement that I can actually use. A house with a nice and big garden. And a view. And peace and quiet. And let's not forget the rent shouldn't be too much either or too far from work. A lot of desires, but the main one: proper drinking water that comes from the tap!
4. The healthy relationship

Last year was not as bad as it could have been thanks to friends and family who showed support and consolation. But in return I haven't always been the friend I could have been. I have neglected some friends and family members and am sorry for that. 

The plan
  • Meet up with friends. A restaurant, a movie, a concert. Have an apple pie evening and invite people over. There are plenty of things to do and organise, so I had better do so!!
  • Go and see my parents and friends back in the Netherlands and/or invite them to come over and stay with me. I will be meeting up with my sister at least once on our holiday, but our recent short break was fantastic as well and definitely worth repeating.
  • Meet up with my cyberfriends. I don't know whether I will be able this year, what with my schedule so far, but perhaps some of you are coming to Europe this year and will be in the area (be it Norway or the countries we will be visiting in the autumn). It would be great to meet up.
So, the plan for 2016. And I will do my utmost to stick to the plan.