'Bucket list' done

1. Get a tattoo
I did! I got myself a tattoo, click here to see it!
2. Emigrate to Canada
Well, that didn't quite work out unfortunately. Click here to read all about it!
3. Emigrate to Norway
I did it. I moved to Norway and living the life! Well, sort of anyway. Read about it here.
4. Have a professional photo-shoot
I did it. I got professional 'model' photos of myself. Read about it (and see some of the photos) here.
5. The Military Tattoo in Oslo
I went and I really really enjoyed it. Read about it here.
6. Get a satellite dish for the BBC
Best birthday present EVER!! Read about it here.
7. Get rid of the pain (in stomach, back, hips, legs)
It took more pain to get rid of the pain, but I (or rather they) managed it. Read about it here.
8. Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo
It was brilliant! We all enjoyed it hugely. Definitely worth it. Read about it here.
9. Complete a triathlon
It was tough, it was difficult. I was last all the way, but I did come across the line. Read about it here.
10. Go sledding
It was brilliant and so worth the bruises I ended up with. Read about it here and here.
11. Eurovision 
What else is there to say but absolutely fantastic! Read more here.

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