Saturday 30 November 2019

Oh wow!

Oh my goodness! It's been nearly four weeks since I last wrote! Where has the time gone? It's not as if I have been away from the computer at all. After all, I have to scan my work reports every time I work (two to three days a week), I still play games and I have been adding to Mice for Mama. For some reason however, I never got around to actually blogging.

So, first let's catch up a bit. Yes, I have been working a bit. Albeit only two to three days a week. Sometimes those days will go up to about 10 hours and with three of those, that can add up. Next week I am on the list for only two days, but I hope to get at least one if not two more. 

There is some news on the job front though. I recently dropped off my cv at the local public transport company, knowing they were looking for people. A couple of days later I was called by somebody who asked me to submit my cv again as they were indeed looking for people. It looks promising, but fingers crossed of course. 

I have been knitting and sewing a bit. Well, a lot really as I don't work that much and even when at work, I can take stuff with me. I have added some Norwegian inspired work, including some of my own. That is to say: the patterns for the individual parts were there, just not the combined bit I went for. If they work, they look great! Albeit very very fiddly at times.

I have been looking forward to three things a lot. Firstly, my Mum and I will make our way to see 'We Will Rock You' tonight. It is a try-out, but it is with Anastacia and we think it's going to be great. Secondly, my friend Pepperfly and I will go to the Eurovision Party in two weeks. It's not the official Song Contest, but there will be lots of old winners, some recent 'I loved that song, why didn't that one win' and some Dutch favourites. 

Thirdly of course is my holiday in Northern Ireland at the end of the month. I will be spending Christmas and New Year's at my sister's. We will do nothing, we will go see a Panto in Belfast and if the weather is good, we might finish our drive that we started two years ago! Plus there might be other stuff.

So, that's me caught up. Now, where was that knitting book again...

Monday 4 November 2019


It's November already. Doesn't time fly? This time last year I knew I was going to leave Northern Ireland, but was still hopeful to find a full time job and a place to live by the time the move came. Not so much! I do have a job, which has been continued now, but it is not full time. And my own place to live is for now a fantasy.

But, not all is bad, I do work and I do live somewhere which is not my car or a cardboard box, so blessings and counting and all. I have also gotten back into the crafting part of things with a vengeance. I have so much yarn and fabric and then my mum comes out with more yarn that she has gotten from somewhere. The choices of what to make are endless. 

Find the lizard...
On November 1st, I put a fair few items up for sale on Mice for Mama, four of those were made by my mother, who is a keen lace maker. She didn't expect anything from it, but someone left lovely comments about her work and actually bought two of them! My mum is pleased as punch I can tell you! I have now started on the other big batch day, which will be soon. As I said though: endless choice...

Right, off downstairs to start on my next project now.