'Bucket list' to do

I have decided not to have an annual bucket list anymore. Instead it's just an ordinary list of things I would love to do or places I would love to see. Some of them will be met this year, others most likely won't. If one has been met it will be moved to the 'Bucket list done' list. Its place may then be taken by another or a completely new goal.

Learn how to play a musical instrument
See more of Norway
A musical in London
Meet a fellow blogger
German Christmas market
See friends and family
Start walking again
Holiday to Morocco or Poland
Do a sky-dive
Find Ed
Go sledding
Own a bright pink car
Go mud-flat hiking
Learn how to tapdance
Do a bungee-jump
Have tea at the Ritz in London
Go to Eurovision

The countries and places I want to visit

Prague, Rome, Poland, St Petersburg, Canada (again), Japan, Vienna, Morocco, Barcelona and plenty plenty more