Friday 28 February 2014

A fantastic holiday!

Now, I am certain that when Pepperfly booked her holiday, she didn't think she would be left standing by the side of the road, dragged towards a car parts shop or taken car shopping. Yet, that is exactly what's happened. At least the first two that is. Because number three didn't sound that appealing to her. So, when I got up yesterday morning, she was still in slumberland, dreaming about bunnies. I imagine. Whilst I took one bus and then another to go car shopping. 

I had seen two cars on the internet that both sounded great. But one in particular sounded just perfect for me. I only need the car from home to work and back, so don't need a big stationwagen. A small car is just what I wanted. Plus the fact that they both came from the same year (2008), the small car was a five door and the bigger one a three door. However the most important thing was price (and mileage). The small car had less kilometers and was a lot cheaper. I could have gone up to 100,000 kroners, but I didn't need to! 

I only test drove one car. The little one. And it was perfect. Mind you, any old wreck with a functioning radio would have been perfect, but this wasn't a wreck. Central locking! Airconditioning (yes, in Norway)! Radio! High instep (I listen to you sister)! And overall a great little car to drive around in. 

Tomorrow morning I will pick up my new car. In three months time it will get an MOT (included in the price). The loan is sorted. The new insurance is sorted. And in the mean time? I just drive around in a loaned (and free) Renault Megane. Green. Automatic. Nice. 

Now, if only the weather will be as nice as yesterday and Pepperfly and I can go enjoy our holidays by going on a nice walk...

Thursday 27 February 2014


It wasn't only bad news on Tuesday. Because Pepperfly didn't just come with her clothes and stuff, she also brought stuff. Stuff that I wanted and stuff that I didn't know I wanted. Some of it were from her, other things came to me via my mother.

There were mice (finally), both the pink and the blue versions. There was white port, face cleaner, bath sponges, white chocolate. At the last possible moment Pepperfly had even found a Dutch flag! My Mum had sent a snowman set, containing a felt hat, a scarf, a carrot, pipe and buttons. Just a shame there is no snow in sight! But, it will keep. And of course there was my little Wuppie memorial book as well. 

The most important thing however (apart from Pepperfly herself of course), was the clothes she brought for me. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember I spent last year's Constitution Day in jeans and sweat shirt, while everybody around me was in beautiful outfits or Sunday clothes. I stood out like a very sore thumb and vowed I would do it differently this year. 

A friend of my mother was asked to sew the outfit and I would provide her with the fabric. My mother would make the apron, the shawl, a cap and a necklace, all with or completely lace, which she made herself! Well, the outfit is beautiful. The colour is even better than I remember and it looks quite fantastic on me if I say so myself. My friend took photos so I could send them to my parents to show off. 

You will have to wait though. Until May 17th, Constitution Day. Because the outfit isn't complete just yet. My mother is still in the process of making the cap, the lace necklace and the bag. Plus I still need shoes as well. I will leave you with this little (quite unclear) close-up. 

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Number 2

My car in better days
Today was a day to hit the shops. And one shop in particular: the car parts shop. As I listed the parts I needed I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the first. Realising that this was good news and that the whole repair of the car wouldn't be too bad. Until he came to the second one. He could only get half the part and certainly not the part that I really needed. But the part that he was able to get would cost so much, I started wondering about the cost of the whole. 

The car cost me 29,000 kroners. The parts (without the work) would come to at least 16,000 kroners. Add to that the work and I soon realised getting the car fixed would be silly. The thing is however, I need a car to get to work. I could of course take the bus, but since I don't start after 7am and the first bus doesn't come in until 7am, that is out of the question. So, after a few other stops, we made our way by bus to the bank in the town center. 

The question of course was: could I get a car loan? Originally I had wanted to get myself another car next year, when my current car would turn 19, but now... Questions were asked, answers were given and in the end the lady said that if I were able to cough up 10% of the 'new' car, they would be willing to offer me a loan of up to 100,000 kroners. 

Tomorrow I will be going to the place that sold me my first Norwegian car. And hopefully I will be able to find another one that I can afford. I have seen two on the internet that I quite like and are within my price range. I asked a friend to help me and he was willing to do so. I will keep you posted!!

The stories I have to tell...

English-Scottish border
Before anybody who doesn't know me in real life thinks otherwise: I am a chatterbox. I can talk about anything and nothing at all and quite often admittedly I do. Back in my old job I was occasionally told to shut up. Especially in the morning when others might not be as awake as I seemed to be. When I first started in that job, my colleagues had so many stories to tell. About the time J found a goat and transported him in the sleeping compartment of the bus. About A who used his rasor to do something to the ice during a 200 km skating race. About F who had to clean out the clogged toilet of the bus from below. I won't go further with that story. 

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
Over the years, I gathered my own stories. About the time I got lost in Scotland. Although I didn't really, I just didn't do what I had set out to do and drove a large coach on a road that was wide enough for me only. About the time I drove up a steep hill in the South of Ireland, met a car and got the driver to panic because there wasn't enough room. There was though and finally her husband got out and parked the car two inches from the edge of the road. She was not amused!

Pont du Gard, Provence, France
I had luck in the South of France because a. I am a woman, b. I speak French and c. I asked. An accident with a large fire truck in the middle of the road. Everybody had to turn around, but I drove a coach. I asked in French how long it would take and two minutes later I drove through the grass and passed said fire truck. Everybody else still had to turn around. I had a birthday cake in Ireland. 

Gougan Barra, Co Cork, Ireland
I drove up Mount Vesuvius in Italy and nearly ruined the gear box. I got stuck in the sand in Germany. I was lead coach in Denmark when another coach had lost one of its side mirrors. Believe me: we need them. I nearly got stuck in a small town in the Netherlands, but managed to get out, the car that had to back down the road wasn't so lucky: there was a small pole behind his car that he failed to see. I got lost in Brussels. I got lost in Germany. I got lost in Italy. 

Tower Bridge, London, England
The woman who I knew was going to be a horror. She was one of the sweetest and funniest women ever, I even had to tell her to get back to the rear of the bus because I was laughing so much. The children I took to London. We Will Rock You. The couple who drove me mad on a trip to Italy, causing to have to call my dad in the middle of the night. The rest of the passengers on that same trip who refused to just enjoy the trip: they loaded the suitcases every morning, cleared out the bus and made sure the trip was a success despite that awful couple. The man who hated wearing shorts and came to ask me every day whether he could wear his jeans again.

Nearing the Channel Tunnel in France
The Italian doctor and the Irish driver. Driving at night, the hits and the misses. Even the accident in France has gained some sort of extra over the last year and a half. I have so many stories to tell, it's hard to pick one in particular. Because they all sit fresh in my mind. Hopefully at some future moment I will share some with you.

Second Blooming
This was a prompted post by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie and Gretchen at Second Blooming.

Tuesday 25 February 2014


I knew exactly what I was going to blog about today. About my friend Pepperfly who was due to come! I got up early to make sure the house looked presentable and then drove to Stavanger to pick her up from the airport. I was early so I bought myself a magazine to kill time. Finally the plane arrived and as I was waiting for her to come through the doors, someone I knew came through. So, I offered him a lift and as soon as my friend arrived we were on our way home.

The trip was uneventful. My friend and I chatted and chatted while my Polish colleague sat in the back not understanding anything. I drove him home and as I turned the car in a dead end street, I couldn't get the car to move. My friend joked that it was probably the gears and I turned to her and replied that it was. Seriously they didn't work anymore!

I phoned a mechanic who came to my aid immediately (even though he was at work) and we quickly realised, it wasn't the gearbox that was causing the problem. It was actually the right front wheel. It had broken off its axel! We also realised that we had escaped something potentially lethal. If it would have happened on the road while driving 80km/50miles an hour, the result could have been terrible. 

Unfortunately even though the mechanic was able to diagnose the car, he wasn't able to fix it. So, I had to phone the insurance company who got the rescue service out and they came and got the car only to have it dropped off about a kilometer further. Tomorrow I will have to head out to order the replacement parts so my car can be fixed as soon as possible. Hopefully by Saturday night I will have my car back again. With two front wheels both going in the same direction!!

A great start to our holiday! Although the pizza afterwards tasted extremely good!

Monday 24 February 2014


Two weeks ago I went to see my GP about some problems I had. Pain in my lower abdomen is not something I particularly like and I finally decided I needed to have it checked out. I still can remember the case of my colleague who had some aches and pains in his lower regions and finally got them checked out. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and since it had spread too far already, he died only three and a half months after being diagnosed. 

I had to fill a small bottle with a stool sample which I managed to do without soiling everything in reach fortunately. That had to be sent away to a lab somewhere. The second stool sample was easier to do and I had to take that back to the doctor's office before my next appointment. Both the urine and blood sample had already been taken at the doctor's office. 

Today was the day I finally had my appointment. And you would think that being one of the first ones through the door, I wouldn't have to wait for more than five to ten minutes. Well, over an hour late it was finally my turn. Partly to do with the test on the stool sample and partly because she let another patient in before me! 

Well, both stool samples were clean and clear. The urine sample was okay and so was the blood sample. In other words: nothing wrong! No signs of anything sinister, no blood where no blood was supposed to be, no other thingymebobs and whatyamacallits that signal cancer or any serious disease. In other words: I am fine and no further tests are necessary. 

I did ask her however about dietary ideas. Of course I know that part of the problems are rooted in the fact that I am overweight. I know I need to move more. Get more excercise and eat healthy. 

So, fish every other day, potatoes and plenty of vegetables. If I think I am still hungry: pile on more veggies! Eat broccoli (ahem) and such, but don't boil them into oblivion like I do, but only two minutes. Which will make a definite change, since I boil nearly all vegetables for twenty minutes. So, I think I might have to stop doing that. 

But, I am in the clear. Nothing wrong with me that a bit of excercise and good healthy food won't cure. I certainly heaved a sigh of relief I can tell you!

Sunday 23 February 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-6

Since it's holiday time for me, it means lying in after late nights, enjoying the view through the raindrops and having breakfast. Usually my breakfast is eaten on the bus: two slices of bread with fruity sugar sprinkles (I am getting fed up with those though, truly fed up!). But this week I have the time to have a proper breakfast and it being Sunday today I thought I would have a special one: English breakfast.

The fried potatoes, the fried eggs, the fried bacon, the not fried beans and the toast. Of course I had to be somewhat healthy in my choices too, so a glass of orange juice and a mug of milk were added as well. 


Friday 21 February 2014

Home sweet home

It's been a quiet week. Not much weirdness going at work. If you don't count the youngsters trying to cheat their way onto the bus (fail for them). Or the woman who ranted and raved because I parked the bus too far along the busstop. Where I should park it. The colleagues who laughed at my misuse of the word window wipers (Norwegian has one word for the things and another quite similar one for the person, I mixed them up). 

I ate cake at work this week because somebody celebrated a birthday. Today I had pancakes at work. For some reason. I have lunch on the bus. Sometimes when driving, because I am running late and don't have time. 

Next week though, I escape all that. I don't have to listen to passengers ranting about the prices or the delays. I don't have to eat my lunch on the bus. No early morning alarms to get me to work on time. Instead I am going to enjoy a whole week off. I will be picking up my friend Pepperfly on Tuesday and we are going to be spending some days together. Of course the chance of rain is about 99%, but she said she is bringing her rain gear with her. 

A lovely escape from everyday life next week! Oh yes!

Second Blooming
This was a prompted post by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie and Gretchen at Second Blooming.

Thursday 20 February 2014


One thing that I never really liked while living in the Netherlands, was the kissing. You meet your friends: kiss kiss kiss. You meet family: kiss kiss kiss. And sometimes you meet strangers: kiss kiss kiss! Now don't get me wrong: I don't mind kissing in itself, but three times? And on occasion somebody would be extra enthusiastic and kiss one extra time! Ridiculous!!

When meeting up with a lot of relatives it was therefore best if you came in late. That way you could just raise your hand in greeting, blow some air kisses all around and you were fine. If you were the first through the door, the 15 or so (at least) that followed would all have to kiss. 

And then I moved to Norway and they don't kiss. At least not in the one left one right one left variety. They shake hands. A slap on the back. A 'takk for sist' (thanks for the last time we met, weird but used). They do hug though. Not the full body hug where you embrace somebody, just the pressing of cheeks. I like that. 

It's a good thing I like hugs. Since I get my fair share of them. Several colleagues will give me an occasional hug (or klem as it is known in Norway). Some of them more frequent than others. Today I got one from a colleague who had never done so before. Just because...

Tuesday 18 February 2014


A former colleague of mine found some photos the other day and decided to scan them in. One of them was of yours truly and he sent it to me! I am not quite sure where or when it was taken though. I think it's of a football run somewhere (looking at the sign at the top of the window) and it's in front of some station or other. 

The people on the bus however, don't look like your average football supporters. Yes, there is a man wearing an FC Utrecht scarf, but the lady sitting next to me is wearing a business suit, while one of the people behind me seems to be wearing a scary mask!

A bit of a mystery, but a nice one.

Update: photo was taken on May 13, 2005 at the Dutch cup final between FC Utrecht and someone else. In Rotterdam, where the final was held. Don't I look young?!

Sunday 16 February 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-5

It was difficult to find the photo of this week. Yes, I had so many nice photos, but I had already shown you several of them! But, I found this photo that I really liked. It was taken during the first walk to Visnes and from inside the copper melting barn. I can just imagine what that same view must be like in the height of summer with the sun setting! I hope I get to see it some time. And if I do, I will take my camera along!!

Thursday 13 February 2014


The Olympics are happening again. This time from Sotchi in Russia, which is great time-wise, since they are only three hours ahead, which means no midnight hockey for me this year! There have been a great many comments about the games this year, mainly about Russian politics. A lot of people won't even be watching due to their stance on homosexuality, their shoddy payment to people who worked to build the place and probably a whole lot of other things. 

I am not one of those people. I mean I don't agree with their politics and such, but I don't agree with Chinese politics either and watched those games. I want to honour the athletes who trained hard for several years to get where they are now, by watching them perform their best. 

Of course I cannot watch it all. That would be impossible, unless I have three televisions. Which I don't. But I have watched the biathlon, some of the cross country, quite a bit of speed skating and now the figure skating. I have so far managed to not see the curling, since that tea kettle shoving is so addictive, I wouldn't get anything done! 

So far, Norway has done quite alright, gathering medals here, there and everywhere. But the Netherlands haven't done that bad either. Gathering medals left right and center at the speedskating. So far they've managed to get 4 golds, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes! Not bad for such a small country. And of course I hope it's not the end yet. 

But did I ever tell you I was present at the Olympics? I didn't? Well, I will soon tell all (once the photos are scanned)!

Wednesday 12 February 2014


Avaldsnes Church
The main road on the island of Karmøy is called the 47. A poetic name I think. A name to ponder about. Anyway, when you come from the North, the second roundabout will give you four options. The first one is going back to where you came from. The second is going straight ahead towards Kopervik and Skudenes. Your third choice could be turning right towards Visnes (which we did on Monday and Tuesday) and your last choice is a left turn towards Avaldsnes.

The boathouse. Named thus because boats were built here!
I think. If I remember correctly...
Avaldsnes is actually the first royal seat of Norway, but to be honest, it doesn't really advertise the fact. You may have heard about Harald Fairhair (I posted about him here), and apparently he and his fellow Vikings set up home on the island of Bukkøy, just of the main island. It is situated in the middle of the Sound of Karm and it was a great spot to control all traffic coming through. 

Pithouses. A small house built over a pit. Used for home industry, not home living.
The walk I did yesterday was nowhere near as challenging. The path is gravel all the way, the Viking village was closed, although not too hard to enter since quite a lot of fencing was severely damaged during the storms in December and January. But, being a good girl, I stayed outside the fence. I am like that. I wouldn't want anybody to come into my house, just because the door wasn't locked!

View to Karmøy-bridge which connects the mainland with the island.
See the bus?
And there were still many fine photos to be taken, especially since the weather was even better than yesterday. The sun even made an appearance, although please don't read that aloud. It might get scared of and stay away for long! I think I will have to go back there many times though, since the path is just perfect to be training on: gravel and quite steep. The day I will manage to get up in one go and without losing my breath will be good.

As you may have guessed, this is pre-posted, since I will be working the rest of the week, all the way up to Sunday. So, there will not be too much chance to go walking again. Although, there is, but then there are the Olympics. And I want to see the Olympics as well!

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Visnes 2

Going on hikes or walks in the area with somebody who actual knows the area is great. My friend was able to give me lots of information about the place. Which I like, because I am one of those people who like history. 

Visnes was at some point in history bigger than Haugesund. Three thousand people lived in Visnes, double as many as in Haugesund. That has since changed very much and today there is a small village only. But the reason it was so much bigger was the copper mine. The mine needed people to work in it, so the place grew. 

The mine is now closed, but there are quite a few reminders of the past. Yesterday I showed you the melting barn. A huge structure now in the process of being partially renovated. There is still a museum (open during the summer only) and you can still see some of the machines used and a pit. 

The people who worked there needed to have somewhere to spend their free time. So, the surrounding area was turned into gardens. There were horse riding trails and just basically a lovely area to spend your time. The miners and their families were only partly allowed to use it. Mostly it was used by the owners and their friends. 

You live over that way! See!!
Nowadays it's open to the public. I certainly felt a lot more important after having been there!

Monday 10 February 2014

Visnes 1

Since I only had to work until midday today, I thought it would be a good idea to say yes to the invitation of my friend to go for a walk in Visnes, which is quite close to where I live. Now, this is the same friend who invited me to Preikestolen last July, so I think I should have known some of what was probably about to come. I think I might be too optimistic at times!

The German occupation built lots of bunkers and other concrete thingies
Anyway, it started off fine: the rain stopped just as I was picking her up and we drove for about two kilometers to where we would start. The path was good (tarmac) and then even better (gravel). We saw lots of trees that had gone down in the storms we have had lately and the path was great. 

The copper melting barn. Now being partially restored
We then got off the path and went down a route with a lot of water and eventually rocks. And as you know: rocks are my favourite while walking!! Anyway, some great views, some great routes and yes, a great work-out! 

Of course, none of my hikes would be complete without a fall. Since the path was on occasion a pond, we had to skirt around a couple of times. Until there was a real pond (or stream, water anyway) and instead of skirting around, we had to use the bridge. Now, did I tell you already that wet paths can be slippery? So, as I tried to put my right foot on the bridge, my left foot went skidding underneath the bridge and I managed (just) to fling myself onto the bridge. And yes, I do now have a lovely bruise on my left leg. Ah well, that's life!

Friday 7 February 2014

Testing testing...

8.30am sharp I was on the phone to the doctor's office. After explaining a little of my problems I got my appointment: 11.30am today. I made my way to the doctor's office and was there a little before 11.30am. Well, it certainly wasn't a Canadian gp I can tell you! By the time it was my turn it was about 12.50pm! Nearly an hour and a half wait! Just because the doctor wanted her lunch (I am guessing).

Anyway, we shook hands, she asked about her trainee doctor (did I mind her being present), I gave her my medical file. Which didn't do too much good, since it's in Dutch, so I explained a little about my medical history. When all that was out of the way, I told her about my problems. She asked, I answered and at the end I was given some medication for a problem I knew I had but wasn't bothered by. 

Plus, I was to pee in a cup. Which would be tested for something or other. They played vampire on me and took some blood. Also to be tested for something or other. And the third (and fourth, but they are basically the same) I still have to do. Stool sample. Now, how I am going to do that with those awful plunge toilets they have here is another matter. One sample has to be sent off somewhere and the other sample I will have to take with me for my next appointment. 

The doctor talked (to the trainee, but there is as yet nothing wrong with my ears) about which tests for what diseases. Most of them unknown, but I had heard of celiac disease. Something to do with trouble with gluten. Only found in bread and pasta and such. She told me that if they couldn't find anything wrong with any of the samples, there might be a further investigation. Like an endoscopy (camera into the bowels). 

It might have made me late for work, but at least she didn't fob me off with the line: well, if ibuprofen works, just continue with that, like my old gp did. So, testing and in two weeks I will know more. Hopefully!

Thursday 6 February 2014

An apple a day

Have you ever been to the doctor in a foreign (to you) country? Where you might not speak the lingo? I have. To several actually! The first one was my gp in England while I lived there. Lovely chap, told me to watch my weight when my weight was still okay-ish. He certainly had some foresight!

On a 12-day trip to Italy I developed a bout of urinary tract infection. A doctor was called and during the evening, the hotelier (a head smaller than me), the doctor (a head smaller than me) and me made our way up the stairs. The doctor asked where the driver was and was very very surprised to find out it was me. I was (and still am for that matter) a woman!! After he had examined me and asked me questions in Italian, since that was the only language he spoke, he prescribed an anti-biotic course. He then asked the question: how did you know that you had a urinary tract problem. My answer? Because my cat had it! I was glad I had the prescription in my hand already...

While on a 5-day trip to France I developed yet another bout of urinary tract infection. I made my way to a French doctor, who again only spoke his mother tongue, but I was a bit more fluent in French than in Italian, so not a problem. He prescribed me anti-biotics again. 

And whenever I had something wrong with me in the Netherlands, I would phone my gp and was usually able to get an appointment within a day or so. Although during my worst hour I was fobbed off on the phone by a stand-in!

I moved to Norway. Thought it was nice to try and slice my hand off. Decided it wasn't and needed stitches. So far, so good. But I have now lived in Norway for over a year. I have a gp I have yet to meet. And I have a problem. No, it's not urinary tract, although it is in the same area. It started a few weeks ago and there were days where I needed ibuprofen to work and sleep (not at the same time). I decided I wanted it checked out by my gp. But the pain lessened and I thought it wouldn't matter too much if it took a day longer. Or two. Then I wanted to phone and didn't have the phone number with me. When I finally called, they were closed. Or at least the telephones were. So, last night I made an appointment online. 

This morning I got the confirmation. Yes, they listened to me wanting an appointment after 1pm. In two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I phoned them up while the phones were manned and finally got through to somebody. They are fully booked and I cannot make an earlier appointment. Unless it's urgent. Like life and dead urgent. Or feet falling off urgent. Because they have spots for those. 

Is it urgent? No. But a two-week wait is a whole other matter. Anyway, tomorrow morning at 8.30 I will be on the phone to try and get an 'urgent' appointment. Because guess what: the pain is coming back!

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Give me some credit!

Money? Just get a sugarfamily: works a treat!
When I first wanted to move abroad, the main obstacle in my path was my debt. I had quite a big debt and had to get rid of it before being able to do anything. So, I stopped the holidays, most of the dvd's, the car and a lot of other things that cost money. And I paid back the debt at double speed. But not having any debt wasn't enough, I needed money as well. I continued without the holidays and the car and a lot of other things that cost money. Until I had saved up enough to visit the country of my desire. And then the other country of my desire. 

When I moved from the Netherlands to Norway, I came without debt and with money. I had a letter from the Dutch credit rating company saying I was without debt and had been for some time. I needn't have bothered with that letter. The Norwegian bank told me basically: you start from scratch. Not just because they didn't trust me, but because they had had huge problems in the past with people applying for loans and credit cards, taking out the maximum and then disappearing and not repaying. 

Over the past year I have paid every bill I got. Most of them are paid automatically so I can't forget. I have bought things online and paid those as well. I have not been below the black line. I have saved a bit. And after the year I had to wait, I made my way to the bank yesterday. And applied for a credit card with the lady who had told me I had to wait for a year. 

The application was denied! DENIED!! Well, the lady remembered me and immediately got on the phone and demanded to know what was going on! She has a steady job, she told the person on the other side. Full time as well. No debts. Little savings. She is Icelandic! (Dutch actually) She is Dutch!

I will soon have a credit card. My first step on the road to Norwegian credit rating. 

PS: I think everybody knows you need good credit rating to get loans and mortgages. Either that or a bucket load of cash. Since I don't have the latter, the former will have to do. And in order to get that, I will need a credit card and next year perhaps a car loan. Moving up on the rating's ladder so to say!

Sunday 2 February 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-4

Of course you were wondering about my new shoes weren't you? I just know you were. So, here's a photo of them. Not too shabby I think!

Saturday 1 February 2014

Good girl

3 sweaters, leggings and jeans, overcoat, hat, scarf and gloves, socks and shoes.
Ready for my walk!
I haven't been feeling too well this week. Stomach pains and such. But, I didn't let it spoil the job and went to work every day, while taking some pain relief to get through it. I am planning on visiting my gp on Monday however, since nearly two weeks with stomach/intestinal pains is not normal. 

On Friday night there was the annual staff club meeting. I always find Norwegian meetings so funny. They are so official. Don't try to speak out of turn: you will be reprimanded. And don't go back on a topic already closed: you will be told it's closed. The good thing about this year's meeting was that I was able to understand so much more than I did last year. Last year I was just hanging on. Trying to make sense of all these new things to me. 

On Thursday I had taken my walking boots to a local outdoor shop and asked them what if and how. Well, basically the boots are good. But... they don't fit properly since the back of the boot (the part I have trouble with) is too wide. I got myself a new pair of boots! Plus some pieces of advice: walk in the rain and walk through puddles.

Today I was up reasonably early and decided to go for a walk. As soon as the laundry was done. Then the mail arrived and I received my official BBC dvd of Doctor Who, containing all episodes of the last two series. The big question then of course was: walk or the Doctor? Well, I am glad to say: I walked. Into the storm, because yet again, there are stormwinds out there. I went a bit further and I must say: the lady in the shop had been right. The new shoes don't perform as nicely on the road. So, I walked in the grass, which was a lot better. 

I didn't find any puddles though. Some small streams, but they were either frozen over, or I couldn't see how deep they were and I don't think she meant standing knee-high in water! The good thing though: no blisters. My left foot was completely comfy and it was only the fourth toe on my right foot that was not too happy. I will soon knock him into shape. In the end, about 6 km (4miles). So, good training!