Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Visnes 2

Going on hikes or walks in the area with somebody who actual knows the area is great. My friend was able to give me lots of information about the place. Which I like, because I am one of those people who like history. 

Visnes was at some point in history bigger than Haugesund. Three thousand people lived in Visnes, double as many as in Haugesund. That has since changed very much and today there is a small village only. But the reason it was so much bigger was the copper mine. The mine needed people to work in it, so the place grew. 

The mine is now closed, but there are quite a few reminders of the past. Yesterday I showed you the melting barn. A huge structure now in the process of being partially renovated. There is still a museum (open during the summer only) and you can still see some of the machines used and a pit. 

The people who worked there needed to have somewhere to spend their free time. So, the surrounding area was turned into gardens. There were horse riding trails and just basically a lovely area to spend your time. The miners and their families were only partly allowed to use it. Mostly it was used by the owners and their friends. 

You live over that way! See!!
Nowadays it's open to the public. I certainly felt a lot more important after having been there!


  1. The scenery is so beautiful! You will need to take me there when I come for a visit! ;)

  2. Your friend is wearing a very red suit.

  3. Certainly an interesting place and it also looks so beautiful. I read your two posts. What a nice excursion !

  4. Beautiful scenery. Love the new cover photo. Great composition. Also, glad you did not sustain major injury on the bridge slip.

  5. The area looks absolutely beautiful, would love to see it in person!


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