Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I knew exactly what I was going to blog about today. About my friend Pepperfly who was due to come! I got up early to make sure the house looked presentable and then drove to Stavanger to pick her up from the airport. I was early so I bought myself a magazine to kill time. Finally the plane arrived and as I was waiting for her to come through the doors, someone I knew came through. So, I offered him a lift and as soon as my friend arrived we were on our way home.

The trip was uneventful. My friend and I chatted and chatted while my Polish colleague sat in the back not understanding anything. I drove him home and as I turned the car in a dead end street, I couldn't get the car to move. My friend joked that it was probably the gears and I turned to her and replied that it was. Seriously they didn't work anymore!

I phoned a mechanic who came to my aid immediately (even though he was at work) and we quickly realised, it wasn't the gearbox that was causing the problem. It was actually the right front wheel. It had broken off its axel! We also realised that we had escaped something potentially lethal. If it would have happened on the road while driving 80km/50miles an hour, the result could have been terrible. 

Unfortunately even though the mechanic was able to diagnose the car, he wasn't able to fix it. So, I had to phone the insurance company who got the rescue service out and they came and got the car only to have it dropped off about a kilometer further. Tomorrow I will have to head out to order the replacement parts so my car can be fixed as soon as possible. Hopefully by Saturday night I will have my car back again. With two front wheels both going in the same direction!!

A great start to our holiday! Although the pizza afterwards tasted extremely good!


  1. I'm so glad you weren't driving on the highway! That would have been awful! Hopefully your car will be fixed soon. At least you have a great companion this week!

  2. Not that you needed new topics of conversation, but you and Pepperfly will be talking about this for years. Much more adventurous than driving home without a problem. HOWever, I am SO glad it didn't happen on a highway. Whew.

  3. That's sad ! just when your visitor arrives your car broke down ! Hope for you it will be fixed quick !


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