Thursday, 13 February 2014


The Olympics are happening again. This time from Sotchi in Russia, which is great time-wise, since they are only three hours ahead, which means no midnight hockey for me this year! There have been a great many comments about the games this year, mainly about Russian politics. A lot of people won't even be watching due to their stance on homosexuality, their shoddy payment to people who worked to build the place and probably a whole lot of other things. 

I am not one of those people. I mean I don't agree with their politics and such, but I don't agree with Chinese politics either and watched those games. I want to honour the athletes who trained hard for several years to get where they are now, by watching them perform their best. 

Of course I cannot watch it all. That would be impossible, unless I have three televisions. Which I don't. But I have watched the biathlon, some of the cross country, quite a bit of speed skating and now the figure skating. I have so far managed to not see the curling, since that tea kettle shoving is so addictive, I wouldn't get anything done! 

So far, Norway has done quite alright, gathering medals here, there and everywhere. But the Netherlands haven't done that bad either. Gathering medals left right and center at the speedskating. So far they've managed to get 4 golds, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes! Not bad for such a small country. And of course I hope it's not the end yet. 

But did I ever tell you I was present at the Olympics? I didn't? Well, I will soon tell all (once the photos are scanned)!


  1. I never watch the winter games just because I am not interested in sports in general. I only saw a reportage about the poor workers, not even payed, the "dikke neck" of Putin and was disgusted !

  2. When all is said and done, the athletes deserve their moment.

  3. Hari OM
    I'm with you Mara, on honouring the athletes. Let the pollies get on with the polliticking.

    Meanwhile, I made the mistake of catching the first curling match - and now am totally lost. Then there is fitting in the figure skating, the slopestyle, the half pipe, the speed skating........... YAM xx

  4. Every time I see the standing for the medals I think of you because Norway and the Netherlands are both doing awesome! Continue to enjoy, I know I am loving them.....

  5. Even though I am trying to boycott the Games on behalf of my LGBT friends, I am always excited when I hear or see the medal standings with Netherlands, Norway and Canada doing so well.
    Your three favourite countries!
    Luv, K

  6. I watched the event which I don't know the name of, where the competitors ski for many laps and then stop and shoot, while I was at the dentist. ( Nice dentist to have TV ). I had to wait a while because he was fitting me in. I have never even seen or heard of this event before. I suppose it is to emulate cross country skiing and hunting. Norway is doing very well. Any results from those tests yet? Thinking about you.

  7. I agree, the focus on the Olympics should be on the athletes...not the host country. I don't agree with Russia's view on many things (difficult as my Dad's family is mostly Russian) but I won't hold it against the athletes who worked their butts off to make it.


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