Thursday, 20 February 2014


One thing that I never really liked while living in the Netherlands, was the kissing. You meet your friends: kiss kiss kiss. You meet family: kiss kiss kiss. And sometimes you meet strangers: kiss kiss kiss! Now don't get me wrong: I don't mind kissing in itself, but three times? And on occasion somebody would be extra enthusiastic and kiss one extra time! Ridiculous!!

When meeting up with a lot of relatives it was therefore best if you came in late. That way you could just raise your hand in greeting, blow some air kisses all around and you were fine. If you were the first through the door, the 15 or so (at least) that followed would all have to kiss. 

And then I moved to Norway and they don't kiss. At least not in the one left one right one left variety. They shake hands. A slap on the back. A 'takk for sist' (thanks for the last time we met, weird but used). They do hug though. Not the full body hug where you embrace somebody, just the pressing of cheeks. I like that. 

It's a good thing I like hugs. Since I get my fair share of them. Several colleagues will give me an occasional hug (or klem as it is known in Norway). Some of them more frequent than others. Today I got one from a colleague who had never done so before. Just because...


  1. In Belgium it's the same ! 3 kisses everywhere ! In Italy it was even worth, 5 ! and in France 4, but slowly it's reduced to one. In Germany nobody kissed when I left but now they do it too ! I don't like it either, and on top you risk to get colds or a flew with all that kissing !

  2. Hari OM
    Hugs are good. I like hugs. YAM xx

  3. I agree with Yam. Hugs are good.
    A klem from me, and one from Dick, and one from Lindy (who is more likely to kiss, so you might have to hug her).
    Luv, K

  4. I can do without the kissing. French Canadians tend to kiss, and it makes me a bit uneasy.

  5. Yes that is a lot of kissing. We kiss and give a hug when greeting our loved ones and special close friends. I like hugging too!

  6. I don't like to hug or kiss people I don't know very well. I guess I'm not a very friendly person! ;)


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