Friday, 28 February 2014

A fantastic holiday!

Now, I am certain that when Pepperfly booked her holiday, she didn't think she would be left standing by the side of the road, dragged towards a car parts shop or taken car shopping. Yet, that is exactly what's happened. At least the first two that is. Because number three didn't sound that appealing to her. So, when I got up yesterday morning, she was still in slumberland, dreaming about bunnies. I imagine. Whilst I took one bus and then another to go car shopping. 

I had seen two cars on the internet that both sounded great. But one in particular sounded just perfect for me. I only need the car from home to work and back, so don't need a big stationwagen. A small car is just what I wanted. Plus the fact that they both came from the same year (2008), the small car was a five door and the bigger one a three door. However the most important thing was price (and mileage). The small car had less kilometers and was a lot cheaper. I could have gone up to 100,000 kroners, but I didn't need to! 

I only test drove one car. The little one. And it was perfect. Mind you, any old wreck with a functioning radio would have been perfect, but this wasn't a wreck. Central locking! Airconditioning (yes, in Norway)! Radio! High instep (I listen to you sister)! And overall a great little car to drive around in. 

Tomorrow morning I will pick up my new car. In three months time it will get an MOT (included in the price). The loan is sorted. The new insurance is sorted. And in the mean time? I just drive around in a loaned (and free) Renault Megane. Green. Automatic. Nice. 

Now, if only the weather will be as nice as yesterday and Pepperfly and I can go enjoy our holidays by going on a nice walk...


  1. I hope you get to go out and enjoy yourselves in the loaner car, and I'm sure you'll be happy with your new car.
    Have a wonderful visit!
    Luv, K

  2. Congratulations ! That's exactly the kind of car you need ! We both have small cars, (I like my independence), rather then one big difficult to park ! What a change for you !

  3. Hurray! I think you'll love driving your new car around!

  4. I'm thrilled for you. The car looks perfect.....enjoy!

  5. Congratulations. Sorry that I have missed a bunch of posts and what must have led up to this.


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