Sunday, 16 February 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-5

It was difficult to find the photo of this week. Yes, I had so many nice photos, but I had already shown you several of them! But, I found this photo that I really liked. It was taken during the first walk to Visnes and from inside the copper melting barn. I can just imagine what that same view must be like in the height of summer with the sun setting! I hope I get to see it some time. And if I do, I will take my camera along!!


  1. Hari OM
    It is like a ready built tryptich!! Beautiful. YAM xx

  2. Oh yes, that would be great if you could see the sun setting through the arches.

  3. There is such a beautiful view through those openings. Hope your able to go back and catch the sunset someday. You can be like Ansel Adams waiting for that perfect shot!

  4. At least you found a photo ! I had to prepare "Our world" for tomorrow, but no way to take pictures for the moment it rains all the time and it's so windy ! Impossible to photo hunt !


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