Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Avaldsnes Church
The main road on the island of Karmøy is called the 47. A poetic name I think. A name to ponder about. Anyway, when you come from the North, the second roundabout will give you four options. The first one is going back to where you came from. The second is going straight ahead towards Kopervik and Skudenes. Your third choice could be turning right towards Visnes (which we did on Monday and Tuesday) and your last choice is a left turn towards Avaldsnes.

The boathouse. Named thus because boats were built here!
I think. If I remember correctly...
Avaldsnes is actually the first royal seat of Norway, but to be honest, it doesn't really advertise the fact. You may have heard about Harald Fairhair (I posted about him here), and apparently he and his fellow Vikings set up home on the island of Bukkøy, just of the main island. It is situated in the middle of the Sound of Karm and it was a great spot to control all traffic coming through. 

Pithouses. A small house built over a pit. Used for home industry, not home living.
The walk I did yesterday was nowhere near as challenging. The path is gravel all the way, the Viking village was closed, although not too hard to enter since quite a lot of fencing was severely damaged during the storms in December and January. But, being a good girl, I stayed outside the fence. I am like that. I wouldn't want anybody to come into my house, just because the door wasn't locked!

View to Karmøy-bridge which connects the mainland with the island.
See the bus?
And there were still many fine photos to be taken, especially since the weather was even better than yesterday. The sun even made an appearance, although please don't read that aloud. It might get scared of and stay away for long! I think I will have to go back there many times though, since the path is just perfect to be training on: gravel and quite steep. The day I will manage to get up in one go and without losing my breath will be good.

As you may have guessed, this is pre-posted, since I will be working the rest of the week, all the way up to Sunday. So, there will not be too much chance to go walking again. Although, there is, but then there are the Olympics. And I want to see the Olympics as well!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh this place looks very enticing - LOVE the new header shot Mara. You certainly did have a wonderful outing.

    Oh I adore the winter sports (because I can't do any of them myself!) - am watching the ladies curling even as I type - not conducive to productivity in other matters though!! YAM xx

  2. Speaking of the Olympics, your former country is the best at skating and your current one the best at Nordic events.

  3. Now that looks like a great place to visit and oh my gosh that is some view from there!

  4. Love all the beautiful pictures. I really enjoy the Olympics, too. I thought of your homeland and adopted country as I was watching the medal counts!


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