Monday, 24 February 2014


Two weeks ago I went to see my GP about some problems I had. Pain in my lower abdomen is not something I particularly like and I finally decided I needed to have it checked out. I still can remember the case of my colleague who had some aches and pains in his lower regions and finally got them checked out. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and since it had spread too far already, he died only three and a half months after being diagnosed. 

I had to fill a small bottle with a stool sample which I managed to do without soiling everything in reach fortunately. That had to be sent away to a lab somewhere. The second stool sample was easier to do and I had to take that back to the doctor's office before my next appointment. Both the urine and blood sample had already been taken at the doctor's office. 

Today was the day I finally had my appointment. And you would think that being one of the first ones through the door, I wouldn't have to wait for more than five to ten minutes. Well, over an hour late it was finally my turn. Partly to do with the test on the stool sample and partly because she let another patient in before me! 

Well, both stool samples were clean and clear. The urine sample was okay and so was the blood sample. In other words: nothing wrong! No signs of anything sinister, no blood where no blood was supposed to be, no other thingymebobs and whatyamacallits that signal cancer or any serious disease. In other words: I am fine and no further tests are necessary. 

I did ask her however about dietary ideas. Of course I know that part of the problems are rooted in the fact that I am overweight. I know I need to move more. Get more excercise and eat healthy. 

So, fish every other day, potatoes and plenty of vegetables. If I think I am still hungry: pile on more veggies! Eat broccoli (ahem) and such, but don't boil them into oblivion like I do, but only two minutes. Which will make a definite change, since I boil nearly all vegetables for twenty minutes. So, I think I might have to stop doing that. 

But, I am in the clear. Nothing wrong with me that a bit of excercise and good healthy food won't cure. I certainly heaved a sigh of relief I can tell you!


  1. Big heaving of sighs overhere as well! Yay! Well... I'm certainly glad I now won't be having overcooked vegetables while staying at your place. (Ouch, don't hit me!)

  2. Well that is great news. Eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  3. These are very good news ! you must be relieved ! Nothing is better then apples when you want to loose weight. I lost 4 kgs in a week by eating only apples. Now instead of chocolate or other things I eat apple pieces when I watch TV. Apples fill your stomach and you never feel hungry. It also helps to eat less ! I usually eat 4 apples per day, two after lunch and two after supper. Ever since I haven't put one gram on and eat normally but less.

  4. Oh that is great news, you will soon get use to half cooked vegetables, heheh, especially if they are good for you.

  5. So glad everything is OK. That weight-loss problem never seems to go away. I try to walk for about half an hour four or five times a week. I don't eat much to start with, but I do eat cookies and candy so I know where I have to start! Anyway, good news.

  6. That's good news.


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