Tuesday, 18 February 2014


A former colleague of mine found some photos the other day and decided to scan them in. One of them was of yours truly and he sent it to me! I am not quite sure where or when it was taken though. I think it's of a football run somewhere (looking at the sign at the top of the window) and it's in front of some station or other. 

The people on the bus however, don't look like your average football supporters. Yes, there is a man wearing an FC Utrecht scarf, but the lady sitting next to me is wearing a business suit, while one of the people behind me seems to be wearing a scary mask!

A bit of a mystery, but a nice one.

Update: photo was taken on May 13, 2005 at the Dutch cup final between FC Utrecht and someone else. In Rotterdam, where the final was held. Don't I look young?!


  1. As from what I can see, you look very nice behind the steering wheel !

  2. I just can't imagine driving anything that big, and full of people, too. You have my unending admiration.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari OM
    Polite hooligans. Yaaay. ..and thanks - we're doing rather well at the kettle chucking eh?? &*<<> YAM xx

  4. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Wow, that is 9 years ago!


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