Friday, 21 February 2014

Home sweet home

It's been a quiet week. Not much weirdness going at work. If you don't count the youngsters trying to cheat their way onto the bus (fail for them). Or the woman who ranted and raved because I parked the bus too far along the busstop. Where I should park it. The colleagues who laughed at my misuse of the word window wipers (Norwegian has one word for the things and another quite similar one for the person, I mixed them up). 

I ate cake at work this week because somebody celebrated a birthday. Today I had pancakes at work. For some reason. I have lunch on the bus. Sometimes when driving, because I am running late and don't have time. 

Next week though, I escape all that. I don't have to listen to passengers ranting about the prices or the delays. I don't have to eat my lunch on the bus. No early morning alarms to get me to work on time. Instead I am going to enjoy a whole week off. I will be picking up my friend Pepperfly on Tuesday and we are going to be spending some days together. Of course the chance of rain is about 99%, but she said she is bringing her rain gear with her. 

A lovely escape from everyday life next week! Oh yes!

Second Blooming
This was a prompted post by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie and Gretchen at Second Blooming.


  1. Woooooooo! Four days to lift off! Looking forward to being with you! Rain or no rain...see if I care!

  2. Hari Om
    woohooo - time off with friends - can't be beat. Sending back one of them hugs!!!! YAM xx

  3. A whole week!! Better go out and paint the town red! Norway may never be the same again after you two have been out on the town. As for the rain...send some of it our way. It has only rained here four times in the past year and the ducks in the creek are getting desperate.

  4. Now that will be a great escape from your normal routine! Have a great time with Pepperfly!

  5. Nothing like a few days with a friend (and no work) to escape and feel a little refreshed. Have fun! And thanks for linking with the Spin Cycle!

  6. That's nice that you have a week off ! and can enjoy it with your friend. I see bus drivers have the same problem as here !

  7. You are so mean to those darling, little kids. :)

    Enjoy your week.

  8. I hope your vacation is filled with sunshine. If not from the sun from the faces that you see away from work!

  9. So glad to hear you kicked some kid butt! My mom was the first female school bus driver in the county approximately 144 sq. KM. I was about 18 months old when she started back in 1948! Some boys climbed out the window instead of through the door. She, all 1.55 meter of her made the boys climb back through the windows and leave by the front door!


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