Friday, 7 February 2014

Testing testing...

8.30am sharp I was on the phone to the doctor's office. After explaining a little of my problems I got my appointment: 11.30am today. I made my way to the doctor's office and was there a little before 11.30am. Well, it certainly wasn't a Canadian gp I can tell you! By the time it was my turn it was about 12.50pm! Nearly an hour and a half wait! Just because the doctor wanted her lunch (I am guessing).

Anyway, we shook hands, she asked about her trainee doctor (did I mind her being present), I gave her my medical file. Which didn't do too much good, since it's in Dutch, so I explained a little about my medical history. When all that was out of the way, I told her about my problems. She asked, I answered and at the end I was given some medication for a problem I knew I had but wasn't bothered by. 

Plus, I was to pee in a cup. Which would be tested for something or other. They played vampire on me and took some blood. Also to be tested for something or other. And the third (and fourth, but they are basically the same) I still have to do. Stool sample. Now, how I am going to do that with those awful plunge toilets they have here is another matter. One sample has to be sent off somewhere and the other sample I will have to take with me for my next appointment. 

The doctor talked (to the trainee, but there is as yet nothing wrong with my ears) about which tests for what diseases. Most of them unknown, but I had heard of celiac disease. Something to do with trouble with gluten. Only found in bread and pasta and such. She told me that if they couldn't find anything wrong with any of the samples, there might be a further investigation. Like an endoscopy (camera into the bowels). 

It might have made me late for work, but at least she didn't fob me off with the line: well, if ibuprofen works, just continue with that, like my old gp did. So, testing and in two weeks I will know more. Hopefully!


  1. Hope the tests come back with good results. Gluten is a huge problem for many people and here in the states they now have products on the shelves in the grocery stores that are gluten free!

  2. Since I have to do a poop test soon, here we go. You get a little container, line it with toilet paper. Do your thing. Save what you must. Dump and flush the rest.

    BTW, it's just MY Canadian doctor. My former one was not like this.

  3. I cross my fingers that all results are good and it's nothing serious. At least now you know how doctors are in Norway ! To comfort you I always have to wait at least half an hour even with an appointment ! Sometimes a patient takes more time then foreseen !

  4. Hari OM
    Ahhhhheeemm - a slight variation on Anvilcloud's advice - place clingfilm loosely across the point of entry. Use the provided instrument to collect and then tip rest away.

    Here's to finding out. Much better than not. YAM xx

  5. Hope things go well for you and you get the needed answers. The procedure for the scope test is not nearly so challenging as the prep!

  6. Hope you find some answers soon


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