Sunday 15 December 2019


45 minutes for a 3 mile stretch!
Wow, this was a week and a half. At least that is what my body seems to think! The week started off fine, but got progressively longer and earlier. One day even saw the alarm clock go off at 3.15 am! AM folks! That is early. 

Christmas decs? Naaah, bed!
In general though, the week went fine. I tried to be on time, but didn't always manage thanks to heavy traffic and accidents (not mine). It was topped on Friday by another trip to another Christmas market. 

Ferris Wheel near the Rhine in Düsseldorf, Germany
It was dreary, it was cold, it was wet, it was yuck. I was nice and early and then had to wait until past seven to get everybody back. It was a long day (close to 15 hours) and by the time I got home, I was thoroughly fed up. Thank goodness for the weekend!

Birds belong in trees. Even the duck!
One thing that didn't work the way I wanted was the buying of the tickets for Eurovision. Apparently I had to start queuing at around 6 in the morning and I got there when all the tickets were sold out already! There will be two more chances, and I will be queuing. But, tonight...

The big Songfestival Party! Lots of old winners (Sandra Kim, Johnny Logan to name but two), but also this year's competitors from Norway (loved them) and San Marino (loved him), plus lots and lots more. I am really looking forward to it. 

Sunday 8 December 2019

Back to old times

Between all the other coaches
This past week I was due to work two days. One relatively short, the other quite long. In the end I worked three days and made plenty of hours. 

One of the jobs I did was drive a lot of people to a Christmas market in Oberhausen (Germany). I had been there once before and didn't think it was worth spending a whole day, but of course, that had been over ten years ago. 

It had changed. The mall was still there, but around it there was a full blown Christmas market. It was heaving! I think there must have been about 60 buses as well. From the Netherlands (it's less than an hour's drive from the Dutch border near Arnhem), Belgium and yes, even Germany itself. 

This was my desert. Mmmmm
The day started off a bit wet, but fortunately it stayed mainly dry during the day. I got away with throat lozenges as I have been coughing my lungs up for the past three weeks. It was too busy for my liking and I didn't get anything. 

There will be another chance this coming week though: as it stands now I am due to go to the Düsseldorf (Germany) Christmas market at the end of the week. But the thing I am really looking forward to is the Eurovision party next Sunday. I wish it were then already!

But, it seems as if the planner has heard my silent plea for enough work and has me working plenty of days this coming week as well. Anything can still change though. Which is the essence of driving a coach!

Monday 2 December 2019

The musical

I had heard about 'We Will Rock You' and seen the posters for a long time. When I had my London trip, the school would see the show, while I waited in my coach. I never did get the chance to see it. 

Then, back in June, a leaflet with my mother's weekly: We Will Rock You was coming to the Netherlands. I decided to go and bought two tickets almost immediately. Not sure who was coming, but that problem was solved within a couple of minutes: my Mum. 

On Saturday we made our way to the town where the musical was being tried out. First of course we had to get dinner (Greek, yummy) and then we made our way to the theater. A cup of coffee for my Mum and a short girly break for myself. And then on into the theater itself.

The place was packed. Not a single seat left and everybody was buzzing with anti....cipation (sorry, wrong musical). Well, what can I say? It started, the music was good (duh), the singers were great and Anasticia really has a throat on her! My goodness, can that woman belt out a song!

During the break there was a little drink, then back to see the rest. It was absolutely brilliant and well worth how ever much I paid for it. I wouldn't mind going again, but there is the small matter of not much income, a visit to the Eurovision party, a holiday in Northern Ireland and probably a cinema visit here or there. 

But, well worth the visit. Loved it!!