My name is Brom (which is the sound bears make in Dutch) and I am a girl. But I would prefer it if you were to refer to me as 'he'. Thank you. 

I was given to Mara when Mara was only a toddler. That was in about 1973 (I think). We have travelled all over: to grandparents and aunts, to friends and strangers. I've been in Yugoslavia and France and Italy and England and Germany and Belgium. But I never really saw much, except the bedroom, although I was allowed to travel on a bus once in Germany. 

Now though I am allowed to come on trips which is really great. I get to see so many things and meet so many really lovely people. And most people are really good cuddlers! I love good cuddlers. I don't get to blog once a week like Oswin and I don't mind. Because I get to blog about all the new, strange and wonderful things and people Mara and I see and meet when we're on holiday. Every day!

So far we've been to the Netherlands, Scotland, Voss in Norway and Northern Ireland in 2015, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria and I went on my own to Northern Ireland in 2016, The Netherlands, Norway and Scotland (on my own again) in 2017. For 2018 the plan is to go to England and perhaps another trip or two? If you want to read more about my adventures: click on this link!

My new friend: Mouse

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