Monday 25 July 2022

Weekly Travels 22-26

The computer is downstairs and when I first tried it last week, it worked a treat. Not however, today. So, back to the phone it is. Last week’s challenge proved to be difficult, but I do have a point to give to Yamini for knowing it was Leni Riefenstahl, a film maker from Germany.
It was Claus who sent me the card and he made sure this was a woman with a decidedly contoversial life as she filmed the Berlin Olympics of 1936 and was a fervent supporter of that moustachioed idiot they had ruling Germany from 1933 until he committed suicide in 1945. Leni did however have a great talent at film making. 

On to this week’s challenge now. Where is this? Have you ever been? Tell us your story. Answer next week.
PS, this is a cropped postcard, so I might or might not have been here 😁.


  1. We see palm trees and with a highway that big we are going to guess that this is somewhere along the southern coast of California.

  2. Hari Om
    Hmmmmmm..... this has to be in the States methinks; but there are quite a few places that have similar looking vistas... not enough rise and fall or tall buildings for that to be Chicago and I'm pretty confident it is not on the east coast... okay, stab in the dark and will say it's California...but which bit? Los Angeles? YAM xx

  3. I am with Debby on this one. Klem


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