Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Club Med again

Since I am still feeling poorly (the head you know, the rest is okayish), I thought I would post some more photos of my time at Club Med, season 1. The photo at the top was taken in my shared bedroom, probably by my German roommate Claudia. There were three beds in our room, but I think we only had a third girl in there for about a week or so! 

I worked at the Shoopy Club for the whole season, bar one week, when I was dispatched to the next age group up: 6-7 year olds. After that I came back to the 4-5 year olds and never left. In fact, I became the 'manager' of that group. It didn't mean more money though, just more work! I am not in the photo, but two of my regular gang were.

In this photo you can see me and two other adults: Monica (Italian) and Jochen (German). We basically spent our whole season with each other. The girl in front of Jochen was the daughter of the 'Chef de Village', which meant that even though she was only three, she was allowed to be in the Shoopy Club. And that she was there every single week as well, from beginning to end.

A quiet moment at the beginning of the season. When there were only a few children present, this was possible, but during the height of the season, the numbers would go up to around 50-70 and we had our hands full. Besides, there were several nationalities as well: French, Italian, German, Swiss, Dutch, Belgian, British and many more. That meant that reading to the whole group was not possible because of all the different languages. 

Later in the summer there would be something called 'Catch the Clown'. I was the clown and the object was to throw me in the swimming pool. The children would chase me round it and they always managed. Of course. Looking back it was quite dangerous, because I would be barefoot or wearing flip-flops and it was always slippery. No accidents though, either for me or the children. 


  1. Hari OM
    Yes it's interesting, such a pool game would likely not be allowed at all nowadays - health and safety and public liability and all that... YAM xx

    1. Even at the time it didn't seem terribly safe to me, but I was always okay. Just!

  2. Oh me we hope you start to get rid of that horrid sinus headache soon.
    We surely are enjoying the Club Med photos and commentary
    Hugs madi your bffff

  3. OMD WE would love to play CATCH the CLOWN.

  4. Dang you looked good as a clown!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Certainly not holidays with all these kids ! I like kids but recently not during holidays ! My friend and I noticed the difference between the Turkish hotel full of kids and noise and the Egyptian one where kids are not allowed ! Heavenly !

  6. I always enjoy your club med photos. Hope your feeling better.


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