Tuesday, 15 January 2013


There are several colleagues of mine who are not of Norwegian descent. Icelandic, Danish, Polish and of course Dutch. Some have lived here for years, others (like me) have only just arrived. And they will tell you different things about how to deal with a certain issue. Like the dentist.

My Dutch colleague never goes to the dentist in Norway: too expensive. Nor does he frequent a Norwegian hairdresser: too expensive as well. He travels to Germany quite often and goes to dentist and hairdresser there (hm, just thinking how in the olden days, that would have been one visit!). It's cheaper there. Then again, he can use a hairtrimmer if he needs a haircut. I need a bit more. 

His advise to me was to wait until I would go home to visit either a dentist or a hairdresser. But that would mean my teeth might be so bad by then (as if) that I would need a complete pull and wooden teeth! It would save on dental costs in the future, but I don't think it's an option. Same with the hairdresser. I have had long hair and am not planning on going back to it, no matter how much my father loves it. So, dentist and hairdresser in Norway it is. 

NOT a new photo, but my hair looks similar!
First it was the dentist. She took x-rays and checked my teeth. She removed plaque and complimented me on my good teeth: it was very seldom she saw anybody over the age of 30 with teeth as good as mine! Then she told me to come back in a year's time. And all that for only 752 kroner (about 100 euro/135 US dollar). Not bad!

Then it was the hairdresser. I had been to the hairdresser shortly before leaving the Netherlands, but the colouring hadn't been done as good as it otherwise had been done. So, I needed double colouring here. Which meant that it cost more than it usually would. But she did a great job and next time it shouldn't be double the amount I pay in the Netherlands. 

And now I don't look 'mevrouwish' anymore!!


  1. I don't believe you on the 'mevrouwish' bit untill you post a new photograph of yourself! (AND your new haircut!)

  2. Not fair. That's cheaper than a checkup for me.

  3. Way to go, these things are important. I get my hair done every three months but I tend to put the dentist off too long!

  4. Oh man! 'Mevrouwish'... haha. I've been called 'mevrouw' twice this week. Horror! Hihi. Maybe I need to go to a Norwegian hairdresser too :-) I do like your new haircut. Even if it is the old one.


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