Friday, 4 January 2013


Every day this week I had anticipated mail from the Netherlands. And even though I did have mail from the Netherlands every single day (apart from New Year's Day obviously), it never was what I wanted it to be. 

Now, the mail arrives sometime around midday and today I would only be working until about 1pm. I needed groceries, but decided I would go uphill first to see whether there was mail from the Netherlands. Which there was. And it was the letter I had so hoped of finding: it was the proof of me being a good girl!

I tell you, I was really happy and nearly skipped down hill again. A colleague dropped me off in the vicinity of the police station, where I was told by the police officer at the front desk that it would take between 2 and 4 weeks! When I questioned him, he told me to go talk to the people downstairs. Who then told me it never took that long. If I had all the required paperwork it could even be a matter of less than an hour. Unfortunately their computer system was down (she said), but my driver's note would be ready and waiting for me on Monday!

So, as of Monday I will be able to do more driving than just empty driving (I did another bout of it today) and can finally do my job the way I am supposed to! 



  1. Great news sis. Enjoy the driving with a bus full of people.

  2. Ha, this must have just posted because I just wrote a comment in your last post about your paper arriving today. :) Yay again!

  3. Oh, good - normal life can be resumed:-)


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