Thursday, 24 January 2013

To move or not to move...

Not my view right now
There are too many trees anyway
I live in a small one bedroom apartment. It's quiet here, I have a little bit of a view and even though the rent is apparently quite high, I knew that coming in and am not too bothered by it. Besides, included in the rent (of 6500 kroner) is electricity, which can easily run up to a 1000 kroner a month, water, tv and internet. So yes, it may be on the expensive side, but I don't have to bother with anything. 

I think it's a woodpecker
Of course, one bedroom is not really enough. For my books and dvd's alone I would need a second room. Oh, and for guests of course. But they are not a permanent feature. Another of course is that I would love to have my big red monster here. Yes, Linette would be very welcome too, but it's Wuppie who has always been my favourite. For crying out loud: I cried out loud for him when I had to let Pepperfly take him to the best home he could dream of! Probably even better than my own... Anyway....

Wuppie and Linette would have a field day with this view!
I had an offer for a two bedroomed place. Where I could have cats as well. There was a garden and all! Right next to a huge concrete car park and a rather busy road! The price of the apartment was lower than what I pay now (only 6000), but only water was included. So, in the end I decided to stay put and keep on the search for another place. One that does have a green garden next to more green gardens! After all, I don't want Wuppie and Linette to be run over by a car the minute they move to Norway!


  1. I have no idea what you pay what is that in Euros or dollars ? I also think a one bedroom studio is a little small on a long term. You will certainly find something nice which suits you and the cats !

  2. Better to hold off until you find the right place. Cats and busy roads really don't mix.

  3. Do you think I would let you move your beloved monsters to a house near a busy road???? Noooooo! But. Good for you, that you will not be living in that horrible place! ;-) Now, off to a new place! A nice one!

  4. You really don't think I would let you take the monsters to a place near a busy road? Nooooooooooo! you go. In search of a new place. A NICE and cat friendly one!


  5. You will know when it right so keep on looking! Sounds like it could have been a noisy location.


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