Monday, 21 January 2013

I got out!

The beginning. As you can see I wear a hat and my hoodie.
It was too cold otherwise!
Of the house that is. And I went into the backyard. Of Haugesund. Which is basically a large nature reserve with lakes and mountains. But I will start at the beginning. First I walked down-hill to the busstation. From there I took a ten-minute ride on the bus. And then I walked. Uphill. For two and a half hours! 

The path started off smooth and nice and there were even streetlights. And then the streetlights stopped and the path got progressively worse and pebbly and stony. And as I said, it was uphill. Now, I wasn't really sure where I was going. I figured if there was something at the other end of the path I would see it and then go back the same way. Or, I would find a name that was familiar and go there. Which was what happened in the end. I walked to the end of the path to Kroken Lake (I think), turned back and headed up to Steinsfjellet. Which is where I wanted to go anyway, even if I did know it was uphill. 

Plus robins, black birds and a woodpecker!
The surroundings were beautiful though. Not a sound to be heard, other than the occasional bird or the whistling of the wind. Oh, and the water of course. Because even though the brooks and creeks were all frozen over, you could still hear the water running and babbling beneath the ice. The path was quite tricky at times, especially the bit up Steinsfjellet. I had to cross a bridge and from there on, there wasn't so much a path as a way up I suppose. At times I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go, but I just had to follow the tracks made by others. 

This was the pathway up! And yes, it was pure
The way up was made even more difficult by the water. Because that has a habit of running down. And of freezing when the temperatures are below zero. And I had to go up. I managed to stick mostly to the rocks and stones though and made it safely to Steinsfjellet. From where I had an amazing view over Haugesund and its surroundings. This time in the bright sun. 

The view from Steinsfjellet
From there however it was another 2,5 km hike. Granted, the road was a proper road and it was all downhill, but I think I will sleep very soundly tonight. And I guess I am lucky I am a busdriver: I sit down for a living...
Running downhill? He must be mad!
He wasn't the only one though...
The top of Steinsfjellet


  1. You went by yourself? Mad woman!
    I was so glad to see the picture of the runner, and to know there were others. But I was still fretting.
    You know how it is, women without children fret about their friends and relations, because fretting (and even, sometimes, as much as worrying) are genetically programmed into us.
    Well, that's my excuse. What's your excuse for going out onto a mountain in a (so far) strange country by yourself?
    Luv, K

  2. Wow! You had a wonderful day out there! Good for you to get out and check the surroundings. It looks great! I can't wait to visit Haugesund and go out hiking myself!

  3. That was quite an outing. I imagine that you will sleep well.

  4. Beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful walk. You probably shouldn't walk alone or do you have a cell phone that would work in case you got lost? Did you let someone know where you were going?


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