Thursday, 10 January 2013


I loooove catnip!
Yesterday I started my very own shift and a late one at that. I had to start 14.16 and would be finished around 23.30. And it started off fantastic: the on-board computer was out of order, so no tickets could be sold, but I could also not see whether I was on time or not. Fortunately I had my work sheet with me and I think I did relatively well. 

The second part of the shift was a route that was a bit further out of town. For safety reasons I had written the route down and taken that with me, so I would be sure I wouldn't make any mistakes. Plus, this time the on-board computer did work. Of course the on-board computer together with my notes made sure I got confused and I exited the main road one exit early. I realised immediately though and turned around at the end of the exit and got straight back on to the E134 towards Oslo. I lost about 3 minutes, but in the grand scheme of things: what's three minutes in a lifetime?

It was hard to see the road at some points, because of the massive glare from within the bus and the oncoming traffic, but I don't think I left anybody behind and if I did, they probably didn't use any reflectors of any kind! After I had a short break in the middle of nowhere I drove back to Haugesund, this time the correct route, and had a larger break in our break room. 

The third and last part of the shift was town work again. Which quickly got quite boring, since it was already late and there were hardly any people on the bus! Which in turn led to me having to drive well under the speed limit, so I wouldn't be early everywhere! That was a change I can tell you! 

I made some money for the company though, I didn't shortchange anybody and missed all major potholes. Today I will have an even later shift, only starting after 5pm. On the plus side though: we get a 25% addition to our pay for every minute over 6.30pm, which isn't too shabby! It should make my paycheck come February quite nice!


  1. And more importantly, you love catnip. :)

  2. Ah... that sounds like it all went pretty well. Luvly :-)

  3. A sightseeing tour of only 3 min ? That's a bit stingy. I once had a bus driver who missed the road and took us around for at least 10 min ! lol !
    I read between the lines, that you are quite happy !

  4. I'm glad you are driving! The whole not seeing the road very well doesn't sound good, though. I don't like driving at night, but I do it anyway.


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