Tuesday, 22 January 2013


When my sister stayed here, she was treated to a lovely cold bedroom. I have never liked a warm bedroom, and since I only have a sort of space heater to heat the bedroom up, I don't bother with it. 

Well, my sister might not like my cold bedroom anymore. I know I don't. Because I start feeling like a polar explorer in there. I have added three thin and one thick blanket to my winter duvet, because it is quite cold in there. 

Look at the thermometer. Yes, you read it right: it says five degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit!). Which means my room is only five degrees! That's the same temperature as the inside of my fridge! 

I might use the space heater for an hour before bedtime now. Just to get the worst of the cold out. Although I still have two more blankets, a thick pair of pyjamas and an old fashioned hot water bottle to stave off the cold!


  1. Now that is really too cold for a bedroom ! It should be around 15°C ! Don't you wear a bonnet too ? your head must feel cold ! I had to add a long sleeve T-shirt under my flannel pajama and in my room I had 17°C !

  2. That seems ridiculous. What about an electric blanket?

  3. No way, no how! I could never sleep in that temperature.


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