Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day pass

She wanted a ticket: a day pass. Which of course I would have to sell her! After a little search she handed me her pass and all I now had to do was put the day ticket on that pass.

I pressed 'kort' (which means card) and a massive menu came up. My teacher in the mean while just sat behind me, not taking much notice of what was going on. But the thing was: not much was going on, because the massive menu was utterly confusing. 

Now, I have learned how to sell a day pass. I know how to do it. Or at least I should know how to do it. But for some reason that enormous menu with all those different ticket types had me utterly confused. My teacher wasn't much help either, since he just sat there. I am not sure whether or not he was talking to some passengers, but he certainly didn't offer any words of advice. 

Anyway, after a long time trying out various ticket types on that menu, I finally gave up. She could just get on without paying. And then for some reason I was in a small room with someone else, while there were others coming through the windows putting luggage in it. 

I woke up: it was nearly 9.30am and the sun was about to be up (09.33 this morning). It was only a dream. I just hope I will do better when the time comes next week to really sell day passes! I think I will go over my notes today to make sure I know exactly what and where!


  1. You will do fine. I guess this is similar to the dreams I had a couple of years ago, the night before the first day at school as a 'real' teacher: classrooms full of pupils, who did not listen to a word I said, schools on fire, collegues who laughed at me...but, as you know now, I sure didn't burn a school down. Sometimes I even think that pupils listen to me. But those collegues... ;-)

  2. You had me going for awhile. :)

  3. Yikes ! I just wanted to tell you to wake up your teacher and ask him to show you how it works, lol !
    BTW in the brochure of Ryan Air was an advertising for a festival (I don't remember what) in Haugesund !! I thought I was dreaming when I read the name ! Apparently there are things happening in your new town !

  4. Sometimes I do like it when I wake up and realize that it was only a dream! Your going to be just fine.


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