Friday, 18 January 2013


Healing well
Last Saturday I had the tiny mishap with a sharp knife (one of the stitches came out today: all by itself) and I had a union meeting. At that union meeting several people were present, amongst which our local union leader. And at some point she told me that they all thought my story was so good, it should be written about. As a matter of fact, a reporter for the Union Gazette (not its real name by the way) was coming to Haugesund this week!

So, yesterday as I was dreaming a nice dream, I was rudely waken up by the phone: could I make it down to the LO-headquarters in Haugesund before 2pm? I got showered, had some breakfast, picked up the mail, went up to the office to (finally) hand in my tax cards and went to the LO-headquarters here in Haugesund.

They had better use photoshop to get rid of that nasty zit!
I was met by the local union rep, the company union rep (who had helped me find my place to live) and the reporter. I was asked when I started to learn Norwegian, how I did that, why I chose Norway and all sorts of other questions. He even wrote down the names of my two most beloved in the world: Wuppie and Linette. After that he took some photos and that was it: the interview was over. 

It will soon be published in 'Transportarbeideren' (or the Union Gazette, whichever you prefer) and I will be read about by thousands of Norwegians. Of course, when it is published, I will make sure to get a copy to put on here! Which could then mean I will be read by thousands tens of anyone out there!



  1. Oh, that is exciting! I've never been interviewed by a reporter before. You're famous!

  2. Yay! Yes. I agree. It IS worth publishing. More than that...maybe you should consider to write columns to be published in the local newspaper. Either in Norway...or in The Netherlands. You write entertaining stories a lot of people would like to read. (And a lot op people LIKE to read already.)

  3. And, allright... I will admit... you look a bit less 'mevrouwish'. The zit helps. (Ouch, don't hit me!)

  4. Fame at last . . . and not a moment too soon:-)

  5. Wow ! you are becoming famous ... next step Hollywood ?

  6. Ouch, your hand makes me shiver.
    Good for you, making it into Not-the-Union-Gazette.
    I just got home from the coast yesterday, so Lindy is lying close beside my computer chair now, pretending to sleep but actually awake to make sure I don't leave again soon.
    I sure can understand why you miss Wuppie and Linette. Lindy sends her best "woof" and a dog-cuddle, which is almost as good as a cat-cuddle.
    Luv, K

  7. How much will you be charging for autographs?


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