Sunday, 6 January 2013

The sun

Sunset on Lifjell (where I stayed last April)
When I first told people I wanted to move to Norway, there were several replies I would get. It's cold there was one and it's dark there was another. Well, so far it has only been cold here during the first few weeks. Right now, the temperatures are above zero and not really expected to drop anytime soon. Which in turn also means that there is no snow, but there is rain and plenty of it. 

The dark is another matter. During my first week in Norway I didn't really notice it, since the 'living room' I used was windowless. However, now I am in my own place I do notice it. According to the official thingymebobs, the sun rose today at 09.32 and it set again at 15.57. Of course that is not the complete story, since dawn starts before half past nine and dusk only starts at four o'clock!

Every day however a few minutes are added to the 'day', sometimes two, sometimes three and I guess pretty soon it will be more than that. Until at the height of summer (around June 21st obviously) the nights will be a lot shorter than I have ever known them to be before. For now however I enjoy every ray of sunshine I am not seeing (very dark, murky and foggy days we've had of late). And as I am finishing this post, it's nearly dark, over half an hour after sunset...


  1. That would not be enough sunlight for me.

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Well I'm glad your getting more each day. I had no idea you had such a short day of sunshine!

  3. I knew it would be like that, but I knew you would manage. For me, it would be fine, because I'm allergic to the sun. Of course, summer would be awful.
    We'll have to visit you in spring or autumn.

  4. You are far north, but you do have that warm North Atlantic Drift going by and helping out.


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