Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Red tape

I finally got on the phone to them this morning. I had tried on New Year's Eve, but they were closed that day which didn't lighten my mood that much. So, at 9.05am this morning, I was on the phone to the Dutch Ministry of Justice. To ask them where on earth my 'I am a nice person' form is!!

Well, it turns out I am a nice person, since they sent it on December 19th last year!! Meaning, the Norwegian postal services are very very slow. I knew that to begin with, but still. So, I am hoping that it will arrive this week so I can start driving as soon as possible. 

Hello Norway!!


  1. I confim that you are a nice person and you know the post around Christmas and New Year is a real snail mail ! Everywhere ! They are overloaded with all the Christmas cards and letters if it would have been another month it would be certainly quicker !

  2. Yes I agree with you and Gattina, we know you are a good person but I'm happy to hear they mailed it out. Hope it arrives soon!

  3. Phew! I thought maybe you were really a bad person.

  4. Did I read on Facebook that this arrived in the mail today? Yay!

  5. I sure hope you have it by now! Don't let me get started on the trials and tribulations of obtaining bureaucratic documents!


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