Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Potholes and old ladies

My very own money bag!
Late on Monday I finally got a text saying I would have to start between 7 and 7.30am on Tuesday, which is definitely a lot better than starting at 6am I can tell you. I think I was at work sometime around 7.15 and my coach was there as well. I haven't been coached by him that much, because first he had another driver to coach and by then I had decided to go it alone and get as many routes under my belt as possible. And the only time he did coach me it was only a half day ànd he had never driven the route before himself!

Anyway, I would have to start close to 8am and then make it an incredibly boring day for the regular driver. Since all he had to do now was sit or stand and watch. And I know exactly how boring that can be. I had to do two routes yesterday: route 5 and route 2. And apart from the regular driver telling me once to take a right hand turn (I knew that, I just hadn't seen the right hand turn yet, it is in the middle of a field really), I drove like I had driven the routes before. 

I managed to hit one pothole and a big one at that. I shortchanged one lady, but the regular driver was there to correct me, especially since it was his money I was playing with and I closed the doors on some old ladies who were in the middle of getting off. I noticed however and quickly opened them again. The second time around I managed to miss the big pothole, drove slower over some nasty speed bumps, didn't shortchange anyone, used my mirrors for passengers getting off and was able to tell people what bus they needed, which felt great!

As we finished the last route my trousers started ringing. Someone at the office was calling me. Since I was near anyway, I went to see him immediately. And guess what. As of this afternoon I will be going it alone! Yes, you read right. They are trusting me enough to do it on my own. Either that or they have a lack of drivers, I just hope it's the first one. So, they gave me a money bag and they gave me some money so I can start. Wish me luck!


  1. Of course I wish you good luck ! (and also the passengers :))Finally you arrived there where you wanted to be ! Congratulations !

  2. Good luck, have fun, and, and, know. By the way: love the money bag? :-)

  3. Oops. I never meant to leave a question mark in my previous comment. I DO love the money bag! Maybe I need to consider a career switch!

  4. Live and learn....sounds like a pretty good day!


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