Sunday, 13 January 2013

The union

The room where the meeting was held. I was sat right behind
that pole, which seriously impaired my vision!
I knew before I came to Norway that the unions were very important. Since I had been a union member in the Netherlands during my busdriving carreer, I wanted to become a member again once I got to Norway. So, I got in touch with the biggest union in Norway and got some information. Which in turn led to me being a member from the second day of my being here!

Thai food and Danish beer. Yes, I am in Norway!!
Last night we had a union meeting. The boss of Kolumbus (which is the company that hires Tide Buss to do all the public transport in the area I live) gave a little presentation, as did a traffic/transport rep to the Parliament. We had a great Norwegian dinner (consisting of spring rolls, rice and chicken curry. Something to do with our leader being married to a lovely Thai lady). with beer and wine and then two more people gave a little talk. The first was the leader of the Bergen branch, which basically oversees the Haugesund branch and the second was somebody from Oslo who was a representative for the whole country apparently.

We voted (before dinner by the way), although I wasn't quite sure who or what for. Then again, neither did my neighbours, who are both Norwegian! Turns out, a member wanted to be part of the 'board' and that meant the other person had to come out. So, we had to vote. There were several more members who wanted in or were already in and wanted to stay in, but that didn't require any voting. A bit confusing.

fltr: the rep from Oslo, the rep from Bergen and the rep from Haugesund
I am standing behind them
I was asked out after dinner, but what with my visit to the doctor and my upcoming visit to the dentist and not having been paid yet, I was lacking somewhat in the monetary department. So, I decided to go home. I said goodbye, got involved in a chat, said goodbye again, got involved in another chat and in the end I stayed until a quarter to twelve! And then I went home! 

I think I may have understood about a third of all that was being said that evening, but then again, a month ago it would have only been about a tenth! With the chats being one on one (or two/three on one) they were easier to understand. We talked about how I got here, what I could offer the union (my languages being one) and several more subjects. It was good!

There is also a surprise coming up (it certainly was a surprise to me), but since I only know the basics at this point, I will not elaborate and just keep you in suspense. 


  1. What a cliffhanger! ;-) Sounds like you are getting 'ingeburgerd'. Nice.

  2. Unions must be a little different there than here. They sound more social.

  3. I hope this surprise has something to do with 'the last hurdle to take'. But...we'll wait and see.

    Maybe in the meanwhile you can tell us why your hair looks funny?

  4. Your integration goes quiet fast ! The best mean to learn a language is chatting with the locals ! That way I learned French and Italian !


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