Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Guess which one I like!
One of the things that you notice on tv here in Norway immediately: they don't dub. Which is great of course, since I have always found it very off-putting to hear a voice say things that you know the mouth you see doesn't! Plus they always seem to sigh and heave a lot more in the dubbed versions. At least in Germany they do and I have never yet noticed the Germans being a very sighing and heaving nation. Back to Norway however...

Nearly all programs are actually subtitled, the exception of course being most Norwegian programs plus dubbed cartoons and disney series (like Hannah Montana and I-Carly). My favourite program to watch is a Swedish program: lyxfällen. They had a similar program on the BBC years ago, about some nitwit who's gotten him/herself so deep in the mire, straws are the only thing providing them with oxygen. Money wise that is. Actually it was that programme from the BBC that gave me the kick up my backside to do something about my own precarious situation several years back. But I digress. 

The Swedish have a similar program, although they have cut out all the mumbo-jumbo about bad childhoods and stuff and just get on with the matter at hand: no money for the rent, but a closet full of clothes. People have to sell their cars, their clothes, their mantoys. All to get out of that mire. Now, the reason I watch a Swedish programme with Norwegian subtitles isn't so much the programme itself as it is one of the presenters. Someone I wouldn't mind sharing a beschuitje with I can tell you (see photo at the top). 

This post however wasn't going to be about a Swedish programme with Norwegian subtitles. It was going to be about television in general and the BBC in particular. Because for all the channels they have here (Norwegian, Swedish and Eurosport, Discovery and the like), they don't broadcast the BBC! They have BBC news, BBC entertainment with a massive backlog of QI, BBC Lifestyle with a lot of Extreme Home Makeovers which isn't even from the BBC and BBC ? which is all about documentaries. But no regular BBC 1-4. 

At Christmas this lack of channels was severely felt by myself in particular! Because no BBC equals no Doctor Who. And if you've read my blog before, you know I love my Doctor Who! No point in crying over spilt milk (or in this case absent milk) though and we watched Christmas films instead. Plus the dubbed version of the Gruffalo, which even my sister understood. Sort of...

Fast forward to this week. When I got a package in the mail. I didn't recognise the address, nor was the name of the sender mentioned anywhere. I opened it on my way to work and out came a dvd. BBC-Christmas Evening it said on it. I was hopping with anticipation, but had to wait until work was finished before I could watch it! Well, you have probably guessed it: it was (drumroll): Is there room on the broom! Yes, it was a cartoon! Followed by the news. And the weather. And then, finally, Doctor Who, the Christmas Special! 

I know who the sender is. I have deduced that from the address and the fact that I have a great friend who has a great friend who is himself a great Doctor Who fan. We have never met, but according to my great friend, her great friend and me have a lot in common! One day I will meet up with him. And we will probably love each other. Or not. Until then, I am going to watch Doctor Who again. Thank you S!!


  1. That gets on my nerves when I see French or English movies in German ! It's so badly synchronized, they say Mom and Dad or Monsieur and Madame instead of saying Papa and Mamma and Herr soandso and Frau soandso. Here in Belgium in the French speaking channels the English or German movies are spoken in French (but very nicely done) while the Flemishs have the same movies but subtitled. We get BBC 1 and 2 and BBC World, that's it. Germany 1 and 2, 5 Italian Channels, 5 French, 1 Spanish, and even an Arabian speaking channel and other junk channels.
    How nice to send you your favorite series ! You know I learned in France that I can watch my favorite series like Midsomer Murders on YouTube ! Claudie's daughters told me that.
    You just have to google YouTube "full movie" there is plenty of all kind !

  2. We've have been overdosing on MI-5 episodes. We watched seasons 5 - 10 and are now back on season 1. Good stuff.

  3. What a great surprise! How did they make the DVD for you?


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