Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back...

Several years ago I did a post about the year that had passed and with everything that happened this year, I thought I would do so again. Click on the months to go to the 'post of that month'. So, here goes...

January: This month I kept up learning a new language, trying to figure out how and what and work as a tourbusdriver. 

February: It was cold in February with icy landscapes and lakescapes. It made for beautiful photos though...

March: Wuppie gave me a big worry with his hematoma (which never really healed by the way). I worried myself by becoming ill (urinal tract infection) in France.

April: I went to Norway for the very first time. I spent time in Oslo and in the Telemark region where it was still the middle of winter! 

May: I finally found a lot of photos back again. I was so happy! Remember: never hit a computer: it will hurt you back, especially if you haven't got any back-ups!!

June: In June it was time for the housing association to pester me again about the garden. I had to remove some trees that were too close to the fence or some such nonsense. I never did, since my neighbours hadn't had that note. And when I moved out in November, I never heard anything about it...

July: I got stuck in the sand. Unlike at this moment: I am stuck in red tape. I prefer the sand!

August: This was a strange month. I had a really horrific accident in France and ended up at a French police station for a day. It left me thoroughly shaken and I was off my driving game for a bit. Fortunately I got a lot of help from family, friends, colleagues, my job and a social worker to help me deal with it all and I can safely say I am over it. I also went on a job interview in Norway, which felt great!

September: I had to start driving again and was quite nervous about it. It did all go fine though and I went back to driving as if nothing ever happened. At least, after a few weeks that is...

October: Finally: news from Norway. They offered me a job and wanted me to start as soon as I could. So strange to deal with all that, but so exciting as well!

November: My old life in the Netherlands ended and a new life in Norway started.

December: Red tape and new colleagues, snow and learning to understand people. And my sister of course!


  1. Your life changed very much this year. I hope you can settle in and enjoy it in 2013.

  2. Wishing you a peaceful, happy and healthy 2013 :-)

  3. What a busy year, my dear friend. I'm proud of you for getting through it successfully, and I'm happy you are beginning to feel settled in Norway with help from your sister.
    We all wish you the very best for 2013.
    Love, Kay, Dick, and Lindy (a special woof from Lindy)


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