Friday, 14 December 2012

Not my day

After the joy I felt yesterday on receiving my social security number in the mail, I feel very deflated now. When I went to the police two weeks ago about my driver's note, I wasn't yet as used to Norwegian as I am now and it was pretty hard for me to understand everything. So, when they told me I needed a social security number, I understood. And about the doctor's certificate, I got that too. I knew I had to fill out the application form as well and that was all I understood. 

So, I walked to the police station this morning to hand in my paperwork and was told that something was missing: proof of good behaviour! And the one I had, was two years old and wasn't acceptable, it had to be new! I felt quite down after that. But I felt I could get what they wanted and went on my way to the bank to open a bank account. Where I was told that not only did I need my social security number and some form of ID, I also needed my tax card and that hadn't arrived yet!

I walked back up the hill and got on the phone to the Netherlands. I needed to fill out an application form ànd the police here in Norway needed to fill it out as well! I printed the lot, walked down the hill, got permission to miss work in order to get that driver's note and went to the police again. I explained about the hows and whats and they filled out the form. I walked back up the hill.

I scanned everything in and emailed it to my last place of residence (where I had to apply). I then walked back down the hill to get at least a bit of training in. After going along with a route where everything I thought was wrong (I thought left, he went right; I thought straight ahead, he went left etc etc), I made my way to Amanda (a mall) and finally got me some curtains. I took a bus back home and walked up the hill again. But when I opened my email, there it was: the files I had sent were too big! They have a 10mb limit and my file was 10,2!!

I am at a bit of a loss right now, but I can sort of feel where this is going: I will need to go back to the Netherlands to get my application in! I certainly hope not, because that will cost me money I would rather save. It certainly is extremely annoying and I probably will need some chocolate to get over it!

(By the way: if I do get it sent, it will then be sent on to the Ministry of Funny walks Justice, who will do a check and hopefully send me the Proof of Good Behaviour very soon. I then have to take that and go back to the police station here to apply for my driver's note. Which will take a further two days. I will be lucky if I get to drive before 2013!)


  1. Can you zip the files to make them smaller? Or do you have a nerd that can decrease resolution a bit to make them smaller?

  2. It would be good if you had a Norwegian nerd already. Especially a handsome one. LOL
    Good luck with this. I know red tape can be a burden sometimes.
    Luv, K

  3. I see it's everywhere the same, administration, administration ! Poor girl ! My husband has to go to the city hall once a year to thet a proof of being alive ! Otherwise he wouldn't get his pension from Italy and Germany so he needs it twice ! it's crazy.

  4. I like your snow pics, below, but I am sorry for your troubles in this post.

  5. Sound like a lot of work but it will all come together for you. Sorry your have problems.

  6. I'm tired just reading this...


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