Thursday, 6 December 2012


As I was looking over Facebook today, I saw several mentions of snow in the Netherlands. Which turned the roads in the Netherlands into parking lots apparently! Over 450 km from what I can gather, which is basically North to South!! But did I tell you at all that there has been snow here for a few days now?

Well, there is. It started last Friday, only a flurry of snow then, but when I woke up on Saturday, there was lots more snow. And because the temperatures here are below freezing both night and day, the snow stayed. I think they do clear it to some extent on the main roads, but since I live on a dead end street, no clearing or gritting at all! So, I really have to pay attention to where I go so I won't fall and break my neck. 

Last night there was another few centimeters of snow and as we were doing a school run this morning it started to snow again. Not much, but enough to cover the roads again. But what I have noticed so far is that nobody seems to be that bothered by all that snow in the road. The busdrivers certainly don't. They may slow down a bit, but definitely not enough to cause a traffic jam. Even on roads where no gritting has taken place they keep up their speed. 

The funniest thing though? The drivers complaining about the cold! I would think they would be used to it, but apparently not. According to one driver, they were more used to autumn storms coming off the Atlantic and hitting Haugesund with rain and wind and more rain. Not snow and absolutely freezing days! I haven't taken any photos yet, but I will try to do so tomorrow. For now you have to settle for a snowman I made in Germany nearly two years ago.


  1. A Canadian looking at a snowman made in Germany by a Dutch person who lives in Norway! This is a very international blog post about snow. Gotta love it.
    So glad you're enjoying yourself.
    Luv, K

  2. Be careful. I do remember your snowman from Germany. I like Kay's comment!

  3. We've only had one snowfall and it's all gone. Apparently, however, we do much better at clearing it when it does fall.

  4. Finally I can load your blog and see what you are doing ! with that little thing, or maybe it's internet it lasts hours to see the whole post !

    In Brussels there is snow too, 15 cm my husband said ! Here it's still 28°! we still have a lot of fun ! On Sunday we fly back !


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