Friday, 21 December 2012

And yet another...

A week or so ago I had sprouts for dinner. This was one
of the smaller ones!
The path of a new emigrant/immigrant has its fair share of bumps. But this week there was actually some good news as well. After I had made an appointment with the dentist for a check-up early next year, I thought I would try at the bank again. This time I had brought all the paperwork I had and lo and behold: not only do I have a bank account, I have a savings account as well! It worked! Not that I can use it yet, since several things have yet to arrive. But I have an account and that is what matters. 

When I got back to work, the risengrøt (rice pudding) was ready. There was sugar, cinnamon, butter and raisins and everybody was getting a bowl (or two). There were chocolates and several companies had delivered cakes! So, during my afternoon trip I started to feel decidedly worse for the wear. All that sweetness combined with very narrow and bendy roads combined with writing things down, do tend to make me kind of green. And not the enviable kind either!! 

Anyway, today was a fresh day with new routes, which was kind of funny: the instructor had never done the route before. However, he knew the area and managed to show me exactly how and what. And at the end I got to drive home! Which felt really good. At work there were more cakes (amongst which a meringue cake) and smørbrød (open sandwiches). If they do this every week, my grocery bills will definitely shrink!! Although I think it's a Christmas thing only!

I will not have so much to do the next week or so, since it's the school holiday and there are hardly any shifts. Which is both nice and not. Nice because my sister will arrive here on Monday and now I can spend time with her. Not because I would rather be working (and driving solo) and earn some money. But since that is obviously not going to happen, I will enjoy my free time!


  1. Oh, my goodness, I would be so sick if I had to write down notes while riding on a bus! I get really motion sick as a passenger, but am fine when I'm the driver. Ed will switch with me sometimes if I start to feel sick while he's driving! Fortunately, it doesn't happen that often.

  2. Of course all that stuff is for Christmas ! All compagnies use to do that, here too ! How nice that your sister comes and you have time to show her around. Things seem to go better and better !

  3. Your talking brussel sprouts, right? Sounds like a lot of yummy things to eat. Glad things went well at the bank :) Have a wonderful time with your sister.
    Doesn't she have children? Are they coming too?

  4. So, you were as green as a Brussels sprout, were you? I hope your colour won't scare your sister.
    Have a wonderful time, and a very merry Christmas. So glad you're not spending it alone.
    Love, K

  5. Yay! You had the chance to drive! That must have felt great! I wish you a very good time with your sister!

  6. I was just telling Sue how remarkable you are.

  7. Yep... as a car sickness sufferer myself I feel your pain ;-) Still... all that sweet food sounds really good. And I understand that you have a job. Whoohay! Congrats. And it must be nice to have your sis over for Christmas.

    Okay, I'm off to read the previous post. We'll see how far I get tonight...


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