Monday, 10 December 2012

The fall

Snow? Ice? Remember: I am grounded!!
When I looked at the weather report for yesterday (I did that yesterday), it warned of severe traffic conditions. And I looked outside and thought: huh? Because it was nice and bright outside. No heavy winds, no heavy snow, no nothing. This morning as I stepped outside and went up the steps I nearly went flying! It was very dangerous! I quickly realised the hill was as dangerous and I needed to keep my wits about me to get me down in one piece! (turned out it had rained on Saturday night and into Sunday morning)

I made it down and I spent the day with a jolly driver who intends to spend most of his time in Spain once he's retired (returning theme amongst Norwegians apparently). I learned more routes, asked questions about the on-board computer and at the end of the day we parted ways again. I then went to the post-office for some stamps. As I came out again and walked down the small hill, I all of a sudden found myself on my backside! Yes, I had fallen. 

Now, when I first got to Norway and asked my landlord about the hill and dangers concerning snow and slipperiness, he had told me about the spiked rubber bands that should be worn over your shoes. Which I of course didn't get until I had made my acquaintance with Norwegian soil!! I put them on after my trip to the supermarket and they were horrid to walk in. Until I got to the icy and snowy bit that was. Then it was heaven: I didn't slip and I felt a lot more secure.

After dinner my doorbell rang someone knocked on the door. It was my landlord. He told me that while walking his dog, the dog had pulled him a bit fiercely and he ended up on the ground! So, I wasn't alone today in falling...


  1. We have things we can put on our boots, but they only feel right on snow and ice. So they are of limited use for city walking when we alternate between snow-covered and bare depending on what street and who shovels. This is relevant today because we've had an ice storm.

  2. You really have a very kind landlord. ;-) Not only falling on his back, just like you did ( did fall on yours, ofcourse), but come and tell you as well!

  3. I used to have osteoporosis as a result of doctors prescribing prednisone. I also had a small dog. When we met icy conditions while walking, I would just let her off her leash because she could have pulled me over very easily.
    I really need to get some of those ice-grips, and Dick really ought to wear his while walking Lindy.
    Glad you didn't get hurt.

  4. Ice storms are the worst! I am glad you picked up those spiked rubber bands. Sorry about the fall.


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