Thursday, 27 December 2012


View over Risøy from Haugesund Quay
As you may know my sister arrived on Christmas Eve and we have spent a nice and easy Christmas here in Haugesund. On Christmas Day we went to church, although if we wanted a full (people wise) service we probably would have been better off going on Christmas Eve. The church was really beautiful, but there weren't that many people attending. It showed again how important Christmas Eve is in Norway. Right up to opening the presents! I didn't have any real festive clothes on though: they are still in Åkra.

After church on Christmas Day we made our way back home through the sludge. I started on my pea soup, we watched television (although for some reason my sister didn't want to see any French or Swedish programs) and generally did nothing of note. We wouldn't have minded playing cards, but they are in Åkra. 

On Boxing Day my sister decided a walk would be good for her stuffy nose and out we went. The weather is expected to become quite dreary here over the next few days (rain, rain and more rain), so we took advantage of the dry. We made our way towards the water and took a little walk along the quay. By the time we were back in town however, it started to drizzle again and we made our way back home again. More Christmas films, because all my other films are in Åkra.

We even saw a Viking ship. Covered in a white tarpaulin.
The masts belong to the ship behind it!
We were supposed to eat the pea soup (which would have turned to snert) yesterday, but unfortunately it is a green soup and everything has gone soft in it, but it still has some massive great lumps in it. I want to use the blender, but alas, that is still in Åkra.

Today we will be renting a car however. In which we will drive to Åkra and pick up boxes of books, clothes, kitchen utensils and a whole lot more. I prefer stacking them up here where there's not really the room for them, then leaving them in a cold and quite wet environment. We will have the car for several days and will take some tours out as well. Just to see what's out there. Not that I know that much, but that's okay, we can discover together. 


  1. I will look forward to your touring about.

  2. I went to church on Christmas Eve and it was so wonderful. Growing up Christmas Eve was our big night!
    Love the pictures, it is so beautiful there. Enjoy the rest of your time with your sister and your adventures in the car!
    Happy New Year....

  3. Well at least you're not in Akra, if everything else still is. Have some happy adventuring.

  4. That wasn't a good idea to go to church on Christmas day ! The big show is on Christmas Eve at midnight ! In all countries ! There the churches are packed also with people who NEVER go to church. I don't go and have never done. Norway celebrates just like the others do, I think the Netherlands are an exception. Marieken too had to get used to Christmas, they had never celebrated this in her family only the Santa Claus was the big thing.
    Good idea to rent a car and driving around, a pity that the weather is so bad (like here)


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