Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Another day

I was a good boy:
I was allowed out and got back in!
Another day rolled around. Another day of learning new routes and rehashing 'old' routes. Trying to get everything into my head as well as I possibly can before I can finally start driving. It's annoying, but I heard on the grapevine they had similar problems in Bergen with foreigners coming in as well. I have also heard that more Dutch are expected to come and work here, so I think I had better make a little to do-list for them. I will give it to my manager who can then send it to them when needed. Save them and the company a lot of bother!

This morning I had to learn a partly new route. I sort of knew it, but not the whole stretch. But when I arrived at work, it turned out the driver who was supposed to do that line, didn't know it at all! So funny. In the end shifts got switched and I managed to learn the route. 

I have noticed a big difference in drivers as well. Not so much their driving style (a Dutch driving instructor would have a massive fit), but more the way they are towards me. Never bad mind, but some are very chatty and others just keep schtum. And when they do talk to me, I really have to pay attention. Some are easier to understand than others. I had one who was doing his very best not to mumble and to speak in clear and simple sentences (he was a great teacher). Then there was one and the only thing I got was something about a ghost wearing a skirt and carrying a stick and I needn't stop if I ever saw her. 

The easiest to understand seems to be a Polish driver. He is also new to Norwegian so he isn't using any difficult words as yet! The hardest to understand is a Danish driver, since his Norwegian is very heavily influence by Danish. Although I do get more now than I did in the beginning. 


  1. Come to Belgium and try to speak Dutch ! Some Flemishs have such an accent that I took them for Russians ! The worst is they don't even understand each other. One of Antwerp wouldn't understand one coming from near Maastricht ! It's just awful. The only Flemish I understand are the News ! I better understand Dutch, although there are also different accents, but not so much as in Belgium !

  2. That's what we need, you and Gattina giving one another language lessons. You'd both be falling down laughing, and having so much fun.
    I love the photo of Wuppie just above your "learning new routes" because he has to do it, too, in order to get back in when he goes out.
    I'm glad you're doing so well, and maintaining your wonderful sense of humor about it.
    Luv, Kay (and Dick and Lindy)

  3. Well, that is a really good advice you got, about that ghost with a skirt and so on. ;-) You get to meet all sorts of people. Makes a good read!

  4. Oh, I am dying to know the story behind the ghost wearing a skirt and carrying a stick! Why is she carrying a stick? Maybe you should stop for her (if it is a her) and hear her ghostly story!

  5. Sounds like a struggle still, but you'll get the hang of it.

  6. Sounds like things are rolling along. I can't imagine the language stuff, I think your very brave. Your idea to make a list of things that need to be done is a great plan.

  7. That skirt wearing, stick carrying ghost story sounds hilarious :-)


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