Wednesday, 12 December 2012


The question I got a lot when I was deciding on moving was: but why Canada/Norway? It's cold over there. And dark. And there's snow! Ha!!

Well, people, just so you know: I like snow. And as I walked home yesterday it snowed. Only a bit, but still. When I went to bed, it still snowed. When I woke up: snow. When I walked to work: snow. And the entire day while driving: snow! It stopped when I was walking home again. But since it started falling right up until now, I think about 20-40 cms, perhaps more, must have fallen. Depending on where you are obviously.

It made it both easier and harder to get to work: easier because the ice was covered. Harder because the snow was quite deep. And while at work today we were basically behind ourselves the whole day because of the snow. The main roads were (being) cleared, but all the other ones weren't. Which at times made for beautiful routes I must say. It was a shame I didn't have my camera with me today, I will take it tomorrow!

One good thing though: I didn't need to put the lessons from yesterday into practice. I think it needs at least 50 cms of snow on the main roads without any means of clearing it, before the chains are used. Or when you live in a more rural area where the roads aren't cleared at all. 

Whenever it snows however, I think about this song from one of the best Christmas films ever: White Christmas. No, it's not the title song, it's a song sung on the train while they are heading to Vermont and to the snow! And it always makes me feel happy.


  1. One of my favorite movies and a cute song. I can't wait to watch it this year!

  2. It's snowing here. Just a little bit. On top of the snow and ice that are already here. And that means a wet dog. Oh, yay.
    But yes, you're right, White Christmas is a wonderful song.

  3. Oh Mara! I'm so glad its you and not me up there in Norway. We lived in Canada and then Minnesota for quite few years and I've seen all the snow I ever want to see. But I know there's lots of people who like it. Enjoy!


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