Thursday, 13 December 2012

My promise

I finally took my camera to work today. I had already learnt most of the routes of today, so it was a bit easier to focus on what photo to take. The first photo however was taken while I walked to work. And as you can see it had started snowing again. It actually snowed all night judging by the amount of snow I had to plow through!

Of course it didn't stop then: it snowed most of the morning as well, causing more delays. The schedules are quite tight and there's not much room for error, so any snow (or people wanting to buy tickets for that matter) wreak havoc on said schedule. It doesn't dampen our spirits though as we see snowplow after snowplow making the roads driveable again. And if you have roads like the one above, what's not to like?

After selling more tickets to school children today, we made our way back to the busstation. We were finished for today. I walked back up the hill and took some more photos. They will probably be the last for a while with all that snow, since there is thaw coming up. Although that while might be only as much as a week, since there is also more snow in the pipeline! This photo is of my home, well, the house in which I have my home.

On coming home there was a letter for me. Something was scribbled on it as well: to not forget to put my name on the post box as well. Oopsie. The letter was my very first letter from Norway though, so I was quite curious what was in it. I won't keep you in suspense: it was my social security number! Not my tax card yet, only my social security number. However, having that will allow me to apply for my driver's note, which in turn will allow me to drive passengers! How brilliant is that???


  1. I have not been on my google reader for awhile. Congratulations! I hope Norway is everything you hoped for and that your cats get there soon, It looks lovely

  2. I just scrolled through your last posts, it seems to me that you like you new job and the new life as well !

  3. That's a lovely spot where you're living, Mara, and I'm glad you seem to be happy.
    I used to love snow. Now it's only good for looking at, and it does look nice today with our lovely blue sky.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Winter and Christmas is all about the snow. I miss that....but only a little bit. I can be in snow in 45 minutes if I want to be. What a beautiful countryside.


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